Square Dressed

Developed to give the authentic appearance of naturally quarried and dressed natural stone. Perfect for adding value and visual appeal to any commercial or domestic build.

BES 6001 

Square Dressed application in Buff
Square Dressed walling application for the Anchor Premier Inn
Square Dressed Wimpey application in Pennine
Square Dressed Berry Hill application in Buff

Features and benefits

High quality aesthetic appearance

Produced in moulds originated from natural stone masters for a high quality aesthetic detail. Available in a number of shades to suit regional variations

Range of sizes available

Produced in rational sizes for ease, speed and flexibility of construction

Easy application

Can be laid to a 450mm module achieving wall tie positions, window and door heights.

  • Bradstone Structural
  • Non-residential
  • Residential
  • Buildings
  • Browns
  • Buffs
Product category
  • Walling
Product data
Course height (mm) 75 100 125 150 225 Jumper 225 Jumper 225 Jumper Twice weathered coping
Length (mm) 200, 225, 250, 275,300,325 200, 225, 250, 275,300,325 200, 225, 250, 275,300,325 150, 200, 225, 250, 275, 300, 325, 375, 525 225 300 450

445L x 150W

495L x 300W

Walling area m2 per pack 7.08 7.56 5.91 5.67 6.08 6.08 6.08 n/a
No. per pallet 360 288 180 144 120 90 60 60, 30
Pack weight (T) 1.42 1.52 1.18 1.14 1.22 1.22 1.22 -
Colour available All All All All All All All All

The Bradstone walling range is manufactured as a wet cast reconstructed stone product and is compliant to European Standard BS EN 771­5, and complies with Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP) system 4, Category II masonry unit.

All Aggregate Industries’ products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 with factory compliance to ISO 14001.

A range of masters is used to avoid noticeable repetition of profiles. Blocks in this finish are frogged.

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