Tools & equipment

Adding value is at the heart of the Express Asphalt experience. That's why all of our sites carry a range of tools, equipment, and consumables that will help you get the job done properly.


We offer a range of emulsions with varied bitumen content to suit your needs.

Joint sealants

If you're sealing vertical joints, protecting new joints or needing tough filling compounds, we sell a variety of durable joint sealants.


Use our overbanding products to extend the life of asphalt and concrete surfaces, seal cracks in the road surface and make anti-skid repairs. 

Releasing and cleaning agents

Keep your tools, vehicles or tanks clean with our releasing and cleaning agents. 

Repair and maintenance

Find a fine bedding mortar and instant-repair products alongside our range of macadam materials, suitable for surfaces from limestone to tarmac.

Tools of the trade

Pick up the tools needed to store, carry and apply your materials. We sell buckets, brushes, wheelbarrows, spazzles and more.

Line products

Mark out lanes and boundaries with our wide selection of line products. Choose from both pre-formed and paint products in a range of colours.

Lorry sheets

Protect your load with a proofed, un-proofed or insulated lorry sheet. Our sheets are available in various sizes but if you can't find what you need, just ask.


We sell bottles of propane gas in a selection of sizes, from 6kg to 47kg, as well as a propane lance and regulator.


Stay safe with our personal protection equipment. We offer everything from hard hats to hand wipes and hi-vis clothing. 

Precoated chippings

This cost-effective product offers colourful solutions to your surfacing needs. Choose from a range of colours and brands.


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