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We’ve created Your Carbon Report, the 1st carbon reporting tool of its kind which gives you accurate carbon data from across our product ranges. The report will detail the volume and carbon that is embodied in the Aggregate Industries products you have purchased or plan to specify into your future projects. This can even be split down by project, customer account and manufacturing plant. Just provide us with the information we need to run Your Carbon Report specific to your requirements.


With a dedicated eye on sustainability for every project, every report provides robust information with flexibility to interrogate carbon data from ‘cradle to site’. We can also provide you with live carbon information for our products as they are today, so you can plan your future projects. Giving you the full picture to identify where carbon savings can be made. And we’ll work together to support further opportunities to lower the carbon footprint of any project. Verified by Circular Ecology.



What is the carbon rating of my project and how do I reduce my carbon footprint?

Your Carbon Report is the construction industry’s first fully customisable carbon reporting tool that provides complete visibility of the carbon footprint of Aggregate Industries' products used by customers in building and infrastructure projects.

Unlike some carbon footprint calculators, which give you average figures, our reporting tool gives you the full picture of your carbon impact by including A1-A3 (Cradle to Gate) and/or A1-A4 (Cradle to Site) for our products.

Get detailed carbon calculations unique to your project. Your Carbon Report uses verified data to calculate the carbon for individual products and deliveries’. Giving you all the information you need to get the full picture of your carbon impact.

Thanks to the in-depth nature of Your Carbon Report, you can interrogate the report’s data to identify where carbon savings can be made by comparing the carbon of different products you have used.

We don’t compromise on speed of delivery. We provide a quick turnaround of Your Carbon Report from request to supply. So you can depend on your report being ready when you need it.

Get complete confidence in your report’s data. Our process has been verified by our external sustainability consultancy, Circular Ecology.

Alongside Your Carbon Report, we can work in partnership with you to identify further opportunities to lower your carbon footprint.

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