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Everything we do at Express Asphalt is with the customer in mind.

We operate a Nationwide Network of Asphalt Plants that are dedicated solely to Asphalt Collections, which means that we are able to guarantee 30 minute turnaround times* on single product loads, while also providing tip-off facilities for arising's, on site shops for all your ancillary items and even food, refreshments, free WiFi and toilet facilities at all of our sites.

All of this means that our customers operate in a highly efficient manner, avoiding unnecessary trips between job-sites and becoming more profitable as a result.

Add to this Sales, Account Management, and Customer Service teams dedicated solely to Asphalt collect customers in the UK and our Online Ordering and Epod facilities, you'll see why we are trusted and recommended nationwide.

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At Express Asphalt we listen closely to our customers and it's through listening that we've developed our Express Experience.

The Express Experience is a collection of services and standards that set our Express Asphalt service apart. So when you work with Express Asphalt you always know exactly what to expect, from short turnaround times to flexible openings.

Express Shops

Our Express sites offer you a one stop shop for a range of commodity products including PPE, tack-coats, tools and pre-coated chippings. 

After something specific? Ask us about shop stock today.


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Location finder

With over 330 sites and around 3700 dedicated employees, we’re home to everything from aggregates to precast concrete products.


We take the Health & Safety of our employees and our customers as  priority. That's why we've compiled all the useful you might need to know about when visiting one of our sites.   

With the help of Shell Bitumen, Aggregate Industries has developed SuperLow-Carbon; the innovative next step on the carbon reduction journey.

A range of distinctly coloured asphalts that use a clear penetration grade, resinous hydrocarbon binder. The SuperColour Ultra range of coloured tarmac is the ideal choice to create amazing outdoor spaces. Including driveways, footpaths, cycle lanes and play areas.

SuperTrench® is a permanent hot mix asphalt surface coarse mixture that is ideal for use in the reinstatement of flexible footways, footpaths and cycle tracks.