Road haulage

At the forefront of environmental and safety standards, our nationwide haulier network delivers our products where they need to be, when they need to be.  Logistics play a critical part of driving some of the UK's construction projects forward, keeping Aggregate Industries at the heart of construction.

Road Haulage Lower bridge warning






To prevent bridge strikes, it is important that your drivers know the height of their vehicle and understand and obey traffic signs. To assist them, the Department for Transport has amended the Traffic Signs Regulations to allow local councils to use new signs that show, for example, the maximum headroom in imperial and metric units.

Those responsible for causing a bridge strike will be liable for all costs associated with the incident - not just inspecting and repairing the bridge and the road but also the cost of train delays, which could be considerable

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what3words app

One of our drivers had a medical issue while returning from a customer site so pulled over and called for help. We roughly knew the location of the truck and using Navman as a guide we managed to get some first aid assistance out quickly to the aid of the driver. On arrival our first aiders requested an ambulance and while trying to give directions from Google maps/Navman this was not getting the emergency services to the correct place in the fastest possible time. 

One of the first questions the 999 operators asked were "What is the What 3 words location"? We did not know! 

We were made aware by the emergency services of a free app called "What 3 Words" which is now used widely and this app has the entire world planned out in a grid of 3 x 3m and each square has a unique three word reference, the app is free to download and is easy to use.  So please when you get a moment consider downloading as you never know when you may require this and it could even save someone's life!. 

Do you know how to download your vehicle camera footage?


Every time the haulier fails to provide their insurance company with a copy of the footage they could be at risk of an increase in next year's premium. Around 95% of footage provided reveals that the driver is NOT at fault. 

Please make every effort to make yourself familiar with your system, and consult the manufacturer if you need help. 

vehicle camera companies that have fitted camera systems to AI vehicles:

Please ensure checks of vehicles are conducted every month to ensure recordings are taking place.



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Health & Safety

Health & Safety is our number 1 priority; our long term vision is Zero Harm. See our useful guides:

Are you delivering to contracting?

Aggregate Industries have developed an online eTOT to help with the required induction before you can deliver to any Major Scheme or Contracting site.  The SDCC (Safe Delivery Continued Competence) is a simple step in the right direction to ensure that site safety is trained and maintained.

The Aggregate Industries Logistics team have developed a range of eTOTS to support the Hauliers delivering training to their own employees.

Take a look at some of the vehicles available to buy. *Please note These are independent transactions and vehicles. Aggregate Industries is not responsible for any sales.

Haulage recrutiment opportunities 

Be apart of a fantastic network of drivers and work for a leading supplier in the construction industry. Register your interest to become an Aggregate Haulage Partner.


Tipper opportunities

Location & Vehicle 

Ashbourne (Witherleys)

2 x Franchise Vehicle Drivers (8W)

Topley Pike

2 x Franchise Vehicle Drivers (8W)


3 x Franchise Vehicle Drivers (8W)


2 x Hired Haulage Drivers



Southampton/ Eastleigh (Kendalls)

1 x Franchise Vehicle Driver (8W)


1 x Franchise (8W)

Stamford/ Peterborough (Witherleys)

2 x Franchise Vehicle Drivers (8W)


4 x Franchise Vehicle Drivers (NTT)


1 x Franchise Vehicle Driver (8W)

Holme Park

4 x Regular Vehicle Drivers (8W)


Ready Mix  opportunities

Location & Vehicle 


1 x Ready Mix Franchise Vehicle Driver 


1 x Ready Mix Franchise Vehicle Driver 


1 x Ready Mix Franchise Vehicle Driver 


1 x Ready Mix Franchise Vehicle Driver 


11 x Ready Mix Franchise Vehicle Driver 

(Multiple locations London)

London Concrete Franchise Vehicle Driver 


1 x Ready Mix Franchise Vehicle Driver 

Scotland Central Belt

1 x Ready Mix Franchise Vehicle Driver