Fraud warning


Fraud Warning 

Aggregate Industries and all our subsidiaries have controls in place to minimise fraud. However there is a risk that fraudsters may seek to abuse Aggregate Industries brand to facilitate fraud and other crimes.

Whilst we do take the steps we can to prevent this, we would like our partners, customers and supply chain to be vigilant to this risk. You might receive emails from these fraudsters which appear to be from Aggregate Industries but are in fact specifically crafted attempts to defraud.

An example of this type of fraud is using similar looking domain names to send phishing emails. For example similar looking domain names such as “” or “”. These are just a couple of examples.

We also do not use public email services such as or addresses to conduct business.

How to spot fraud :

  • Check for typos and grammatical errors in emails and the website or email address.
  • Do not act on emails asking you to change bank details.
  • If you are in doubt about where to make payments, speak to your Account Manager by phone.
  • Confirm the sender is genuine when opening attachments and links.
  • Please flag any suspicious activity or emails to your contact at Aggregate Industries as well as Action Fraud.
  • Telephone calls can be made to appear to come from the phone number of a genuine business, always confirm the identity of the person calling before giving away any personal or confidential information.

For any enquiries or questions please use the below contact form and a member of our Information Security Team will be in contact.