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London Concrete have worked on a number of large commercial projects and these include:


Offices and retail developments

A key advantage of London Concrete is the ability to supply special design mixes, including high strength concrete, for use in high-rise projects. We have a long track record of achievement in this area.



Education, healthcare and public sector

These particular types of building have a mixture of foundation and flooring requirements for concrete and screeds, as well as sports and recreational areas, car parking, service areas and access roads.



Sports and leisure:

Our product range is suitable for stadia including terracing, frames, stairs, lift shafts and supports, as well as foundations and flooring. Other areas include multi usage games areas (MUGA’s) and tennis courts. 





As well as the concretes and screeds highlighted, many further concretes are available for commercial applications, these including high strength, fibre reinforced, high density, water tight concretes, and concretes that are resistant to aggressive environments. 



Major infrastructure:

Due to our capacity and capability, we have supplied many prestigious projects, and also projects where a combination of solutions and logistics have been key. Please see our case studies for further details.



Sustainable products:

Overriding all our sectors is a commitment to sustainability. Please see our range of ECOPact concrete products for more information.



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Staying in the loop of concrete deliveries is vital to maintaining on-site and administrative efficiencies. The Loop - Concrete Direct App provides customers with the ability to request, track, and adjust their concrete orders at their fingertips.

Customers get complete sight of deliveries with real-time tracking from when each truckload is ticketed, loaded, and arrives on site.  After deliveries, customers can make use of the archive and reporting features to keep track of the product you have received, how much you have poured, and maintain records of communications with dispatchers.

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