SuperTrench is a superior asphalt solution meticulously designed for utility reinstatement work, aligning with the stringent demands of modern infrastructure and regulation compliance. As a highly compactable, low air void content material, it delivers unparalleled durability and a streamlined laying process, making it ideal for small, confined spaces and high-traffic urban areas. SuperTrench's consistent performance is underscored by adherence to BS EN 13108-1 standards, ensuring a robust and sustainable roadway restoration.

BES 6001

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Low Void Content

Designed with 1-4% air voids, SuperTrench significantly enhances pavement lifespan and structural integrity.

Robust Compaction

SuperTrench ensures optimal density and stability with less effort, reducing the risk of future roadwork disruptions.

Regulatory Compliance

Meeting BS EN 13108-1 standards, SuperTrench assures alignment with strict industry and regulatory benchmarks.

SuperTrench in action

Why Use SuperTrench?

Professionals in the utility sector often confront challenges associated with reinstatement work — from achieving compaction in confined spaces to ensuring long-term durability. SuperTrench has been engineered to overcome these hurdles. Its superior compaction ability in hand-laid scenarios and predictably low air voids content aligns with the stringent standards set out in the SROH, providing a dependable solution for long-lasting repairs.

SuperTrench asphalt is a purpose-built material created to address the precise needs of utility reinstatement contractors. Complying with BS EN 13108-1, this asphalt solution offers enhanced workability and durability, crucial for the demanding environment of footways and narrow trenches. Its design assures fewer defects, diminishing the likelihood of premature maintenance — a significant advantage in today's stringent inspection landscape.

SuperTrench stands apart as the material of choice for utility reinstatement, with its innovative mix design facilitating optimal air void content and excellent compaction. This not only ensures adherence to the latest SROH guidelines but also caters to the escalating quality expectations under the new street works regime. SuperTrench isn't simply a product; it's a comprehensive solution, designed to reduce future liabilities and guarantee a sustainable, long-term performance on the nation's highways.


SuperTrench Applications:

  • Utility Reinstatements: Optimal for restoring road surfaces after utility works with assured compaction and longevity.
  • Footpaths & Footways: Ideal for pathways demanding a resilient surface able to withstand pedestrian traffic and environmental stressors.
  • Constrained Spaces: Specially formulated to achieve required compaction in narrow trenches and restricted areas.
  • Road Repair & Maintenance: Excellently suited for mending defects, enhancing the durability and life cycle of existing roads.
  • Infrastructure Upgrades: The preferred choice for upgrading urban roadways with a sustainable and robust asphalt solution.
  • Compliance-Driven Projects: Perfect for projects where adherence to SROH standards and low air void specifications is critical.



  • Optimised Workability: Engineered for efficient application, allowing for a seamless reinstatement process.
  • Low Void Content: SuperTrench boasts a void content of 1-4%, reducing permeability and enhancing durability.
  • Compliant Mix: Meets BS EN 13108-1 standards, ensuring consistent quality in utility reinstatements.
  • Binder Flexibility: Available in 100/150 or 160/220 grade binder options for versatile application.
  • Warm Mix Option: Can be produced as a warm mix, reducing emissions and energy consumption.
  • Recyclable Material: SuperTrench supports sustainability with its 100% recyclable composition.

From research and development to product quality and testing, this page covers all of the innovative work that our technicians perform every day to ensure you're getting the best possible product.

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