Avoid void and visual failures with SuperTrench asphalt, designed for the utilities sector.

An enriched asphalt surface course mixture that is ideal for use in the reinstatement of footways, footpaths and cycle tracks.

Designed specifically to achieve high compaction and low air voids, SuperTrench can help you meet the Specification for the Reinstatement of Openings in Highways (SROH) standards. Both through reducing the risk of visual failures but also void failures that are often caused by poor compaction or incorrect product selection. 

SuperTrench asphalt has a mix design that can easily achieve 4-5% air voids, giving you a greater level of tolerance. This reduction in air voids makes the material less permeable for both water and air, therefore giving you a more durable and longer lasting material. Making SuperTrench the more sustainable option for reinstatement works in the utility sector.

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BES 6001

Features and benefits

HAUC UK approved

A range of permanent, HAUC approved hot mix surface mixtures for use in the reinstatement of flexible footways, footpaths and cycle tracks. Material is CE marked

Available nationwide

SuperTrench is available through our nationwide network of Express Asphalt plants. 

Durable and sustainable

By achieving lower air voids, you are reducing the risk of water and air permeating into the material and causing damage, and consequently material failures.

This durability means the material will last longer, making it a more sustainable option for trench and reinstatement work. 


Reduced insitu air void issues

Specially designed for hand lay use in trench reinstatements to improve likely attainment of air void compliance with the SROH. When compacted correctly, SuperTrench can achieve 4-5% air voids, giving a greater level of tolerance compared to traditional asphalt material.

Available in 6mm and 10mm
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The Surfacing Solutions team worked together with HT Installations to deliver ground and reinstatement works on a multi-million pound scheme in the Swansea and Carmarthen areas using it's SuperTrench® Asphalt.

We operate a Nationwide Network of Asphalt Plants that are dedicated solely to Asphalt Collections, which means that we are able to guarantee 30 minute turnaround times* on single product loads, while also providing tip-off facilities for arising's, on site shops for all your ancillary items and even food, refreshments, free WiFi and toilet facilities at all of our sites.


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