SuperColour® Ultra

Create amazing spaces with coloured asphalt

A range of distinctly coloured SMA asphalts that uses a combination of clear binders and coloured pigment. Available in 6mm and 10mm, the SuperColour Ultra range of coloured tarmac is the ideal choice to create amazing outdoor spaces. 

Backed up with a dedicated team, SuperColour gives you more freedom with your projects and the peace of mind that you are receiving a great quality product together with excellent technical and sales support.

Dedicated production plants across the country allows us to supply coloured asphalt throughout the UK, and maintain quality by reducing the risk of contamination. 

Ideal for driveways, footpaths, cycle lanes and play areas. Porous option available on request.

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Enhanced Safety

Colour-coded demarcation improves visibility and safety in high-traffic areas like cycle lanes and pedestrian zones.

Design Flexibility

Wide range of colours, including bespoke options, offers creative freedom in matching and enhancing environmental aesthetics.

Durability Assured

Long-lasting, robust surfacing resists delamination and weathering, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

SuperColour Ultra in Action

Audley retirement village, Southampton using SuperColour Ultra buff
Cycleway in Manchester using SuperColour Ultra red
Bristol City hall using SuperColour Ultra grey
Derby Express Asphalt site with SuperColour Ultra red and green
Scarborough promenade path using SuperColour ultra buff
SuperColour Ultra Buff being laid at a prestigious housing estate in Barnet
SuperColour Ultra Green close up
SuperColour Ultra Red tipped into piles ready for laying
SuperColour Ultra in porous green being laid at a school playground
SuperColour Ultra in bespoke Copper for cycleway in Derby

Why SuperColour Ultra?

In today's urban landscape, architects, specifiers, and contractors face the dual challenge of creating aesthetically appealing environments that are both cost-effective and safe. Urban spaces need vibrant, welcoming designs that enhance public wellbeing while ensuring safety through clear demarcation for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. The increasing popularity of coloured hard landscaping in urban schemes reflects this need, but traditional surfacing solutions often lack durability and require frequent maintenance. SuperColour, with its innovative approach, offers a solution to these challenges.

SuperColour Ultra is a revolutionary coloured asphalts designed to address these specific urban challenges. By using a combination of high-quality binders, coloured pigments, and aggregates, SuperColour achieves a striking, long-lasting effect. Unlike painted finishes, which are prone to delamination and degradation, SuperColour's integral colouring ensures a durable, hard-wearing surface. Its versatility in applications from cycle paths to driveways and its range of vibrant colours provide architects and planners with the creative freedom to design safe, attractive, and sustainable urban spaces.

SuperColour stands out as an ideal solution for modern urban development. The product's durability and low maintenance requirements offer long-term cost-effectiveness, making it a sustainable choice. By choosing SuperColour, specifiers and contractors can create visually stunning, safe, and enduring urban environments, fulfilling both aesthetic and practical requirements of contemporary cityscapes.


SuperColour Ultra Applications:

  • Residential Roads: Enhances the aesthetic appeal of residential areas with durable, coloured surfacing.
  • Cycle Paths: Improves cyclist safety with highly visible, distinct surfacing.
  • Footpaths: Creates vibrant, safe walkways in urban and park settings.
  • Car Parks: Offers durable, visually appealing surfacing for high-traffic parking areas.
  • Driveways: Elevates the appearance of private driveways with custom colour options.
  • Bus Lanes: Enhances urban traffic management with clearly demarcated, coloured lanes.
  • Play Areas: Provides safe, colourful surfaces for children's play spaces, enhancing fun and creativity.


SuperColour Ultra


  • Material Grading: Available in 6mm and 10mm sizes.
  • Layer Thickness: Nominal thickness ranges from 30-40mm and 35-45mm.
  • Binder Type: Utilizes a synthetic clear binder for enhanced colour.
  • Colour Range: Offers a wide spectrum of colours, including standard and bespoke options.
  • Application: Suitable for a variety of uses such as roads, pathways, and decorative spaces.
  • Durability: Designed for longevity and resistance to weathering and wear.

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