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A1 Allerdene Bridge, Gateshead

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A1 Allerdene Bridge, Gateshead

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Bespoke concrete mix being layed
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We worked closely with the customer to ensure an early completion of the corroded bridge in a safe and cost effective manner

Key facts

Sector: Highways
Client: Highways Agency
Contractor: Balfour Beatty Civil Engineering
  • Bespoke Concrete Mix
  • Technical Support
  • High Quality product developed


Following assessment of the bridge it was determined that localised corrosion of the embedded steel had taken place within the bridge deck to the south bound carriageway. Balfour Beatty were contracted to remove the existing wearing course and waterproofing system and breakout areas to the deck identified to have suffered corrosion and make good. The A1 is a heavily trafficked section of trunk road therefore construction programming and disruption to road users had to be kept to a minimum. 


Balfour Beatty had two options open to them, a rapid cure bagged mortar system that was both labour intensive and costly or bespoke rapid drying concrete designed to allow early application of vapour sensitive waterproofing. Diamondcrete RD was trialled prior to commencement of works onsite where a mock up section was cast. Testing for residual moisture content and strength followed indicating that the waterproofing systems could be installed after 3 days of curing. 

Diamondcrete RD facilitated the early completion of the works in a safe and cost effective manner with reduced manpower and plant ensuring less disruption to road users.

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A1 Allerdene Bridge, Gateshead

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