Working with Sefton Council, Aggregate Industries was asked to resurface a roundabout with it's SuperCurve Asphalt.
The Background

Having worked closely with Dowhigh Ltd and Sefton Council over the last few years, Aggregate Industries were once again asked to help with the traffic management and associated vehicular issues for this contract. The area in question was the Princess Way Roundabout/Crosby Road South highway at the Seaforth end of the docks, and the carriageway from the port exit to the roundabout under the A565 flyover.

The Problem

The high volume of HGVs accessing and exiting the port every day took its toll on the existing carriageway’s HRA surface, causing deteriorating longitudinal joints. Sefton Council identified that two running lanes into the Port Entrance and a newly constructed third lane to accommodate traffic to Crosby would be the best solution. With it being a main, busy route, they faced time restraints from Sefton Council, Highways England and Liverpool Port for the resurfacing.

The Solution

Recognising that the carriageway’s existing HRA surface had deteriorated, Dowhigh looked for alternatives. Following the success of Aggregate Industries’ SuperFlex® product within the Highway Resurfacing division of Sefton, they decided that the new ‘SuperCurve®’ product would be the best choice. Durable and long-lasting, it would be able to withstand the large volumes of HGVs passing through day after day.

For the work to take place, road closures and traffic diversions would need to be put in place, which was agreed upon by Highways England, Sefton MBC, Port of Liverpool and Merseyside Police. From there, Phase 1 was completed between 10am and 3pm in November 2017, and Phase 2 between 8pm and 2am in March 2018, causing minimal disruptions.

Opting for SuperCurve®, it was laid by two pavers working in Echelon, which minimised the longitudinal and cross joints where HGVs would travel into the port.


Throughout the delivery of the project, the carbon footprint was significantly reduced. Delivered straight from Aggregate Industries Asphalt Plant in Bootle, it took 7 mile round trip to supply 1,022T of SuperCurve. Excavated materials that weren’t needed were transported to Dowhigh’s recycling depot, which was just a 4-mile round trip. Highways England also agreed to amend their working times from their usual 10pm till 5am, because of the residential housing close by.

It’s this dedication to projects, communities and the environment, delivered time after time, that keeps Aggregate Industries firmly placed at the heart of construction.

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Project Details

  • Port of Liverpool

  • Highways and Roads

  • Sefton Council
    Dowhigh Ltd

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We used SuperCurve® asphalt for this project which is expertly tailored for the UK’s most trafficked and high-stress areas, such as junctions and roundabouts.

Find out more about how we develop and test our performance asphalt range, including SuperCurve, on our Technical Capabilities page.