SuperColour Ultra used at Neptune Park, Herne Bay

After more than two decades, Aggregate Industries revisits the Neptune Car Park at Herne Bay, demonstrating their longstanding commitment by providing coastal path and driveway resurfacing within a swift two-day period. Chosen for their outstanding performance in the initial project, Aggregate Industries were trusted to not only match the original aesthetics but also to ensure durability in their work.
The BriEf

In the late 1990s, Canterbury City Council, through Valletta Surfacing Ltd, entrusted Aggregate Industries with the surfacing of Neptune Car Park. The chosen material was SuperColour Ultra in Buff – a range of distinctly coloured SMA asphalts that uses a combination of clear binders and coloured pigment. This selection was specifically tailored for its visually appealing properties and compatibility with the seaside environment.

Over the decades, the relentless wear and tear of the challenging coastal conditions necessitated a refurbishment of the paths and driveways to maintain the area’s natural coastal charm.

The Solution

Acknowledging the exceptional quality and service rendered in the previous project, Aggregate Industries were once again the supplier of choice for this renovation. Within an efficient two-day timeframe, the company supplied the visually striking coloured asphalt surfacing. The logistical challenges of transporting materials to remote areas of the site were overcome by utilising wheelbarrows, a task made feasible by the unique properties of the binder in SuperColour Ultra, allowing for easy workability, even when hand laid.

Nathan Browne, Director of Valletta Surfacing Ltd said: “Rehiring Aggregate Industries was a no brainer for us, as usual they demonstrated excellent delivery and service and we’re extremely pleased with the final result.”

Neptune Car Park is now completely free of any signs of wear, ready to withstand another twenty years or more of coastal walkers, ocean spray and the passing and parking of hundreds of cars.

Becky Calen, National Supercolour Business Manager, from Aggregate Industries, says: “It was a huge privilege to be chosen a second time to work with Valletta Surfacing Ltd and to contribute to this project yet again. We are exceptionally proud that the quality of our delivery, service and product resulted in a second project.

“This resurfacing was completed without any speed bumps along the way. Some of the materials had to be carried via wheelbarrows to the very furthest stretches of the paths, however this barely slowed down progress and we were done in just two days.

“Our product, SuperColour, was perfect for the job, matching perfectly with the original surfacing, complimenting surrounding areas and sturdy enough to withstand the heavy footfall and salt spray. We are thrilled with the final result and smooth operation throughout.”

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“Rehiring Aggregate Industries was a no brainer for us, as usual they demonstrated excellent delivery and service and we’re extremely pleased with the final result.”

Nathan Browne| Director of Valletta Surfacing Ltd

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