Pedalling Progress: Transforming Coventry's Roads with the Coundon Road Cycle Route Improvement Project

UK manufactured Dutch Kerb supply in the UK by Aggregate Industries’ Charcon division for Coventry's new Coundon Road Cycle Route.


The BriEf

Initiated in 2020, the Coundon Road Cycle Route Improvement project aimed to improve road safety and streamline traffic in Coventry through the creation of a 1.7-mile cycle route. 

Addressing the need for a safer environment and to encourage more active travel, Coventry City Council sought a solution that would provide continuous footpaths and cycle tracks, thereby ensuring priority is given to pedestrians and cyclists at critical points such as intersections, side streets, and building entrances.


The Solution

Cycling is on the increase in UK towns and cities and many progressive councils throughout Britain are investing substantial resources into improving the cycling provision, infrastructure and network in their locales.

To fully meet the brief to create a 1.7-mile cycle route and provide insightful design guidance in Coventry, the Charcon division of Aggregate Industries accurately planned and manufactured the Dutch Kerb.

Part of a core range of products with guaranteed availability, Dutch Kerb is manufactured at Hulland Ward, Europe’s largest flag and kerb plant, and has a lower carbon footprint than other competitors. 
Its high-strength properties and adherence to stringent manufacturing standards (BS EN 1340), meant that it was the ideal solution to meet the desired strength requirements and ensure durability and structural resilience, capable of withstanding the demands of heavy loads. 
Furthermore, compliance with slip and skid resistance criteria, as per BS EN 1340, bolstered road safety, mitigating potential skidding hazards.

One of the challenges encountered during the project was the incorporation of a new product, in terms of seamless road transition and product size. By working with industry experts who are ahead of the game in the active travel sector, precise product development challenges were effectively addressed, leading to the successful integration of the Dutch Kerb.

Following completion, Coundon Road Cycle Route project achieved its goal of enhancing road safety and traffic efficiency. 
It was completed on time in 2023 and importantly, has set a new standard in road infrastructure, providing a template for future projects. In fact, such was its success, Aggregate Industries’ Charcon division has since worked in close collaboration with Aberdeenshire County Council and Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council.

Clinton Young, national active travel and specialist kerb manager: said: The Dutch kerb is in alignment with the core design principals of the LTN1/20. Its use in the UK for the Coundon Road cycle route has not only enhanced road safety, but also paved the way for future innovations in urban transportation. 



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Project Details

“This successful collaboration with Coventry City Council proves how innovative solutions can transform our streets for the better and keep people moving."

Clinton Young| National active travel and specialist kerb manager

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