SuperSport Tennis Courts – Wolf Fields

Aggregate Industries’ Surfacing Solutions division worked with sports surfacing contractors Spadeoak to enhance tennis facilities at Wolf Fields, Southall.
The Breif

The Lawn & Tennis Association (LTA) partnered with Spadeoak, a specialist sports surfacing contractor to improve public tennis courts across the south of England by creating safe, secure, and enjoyable spaces for local communities to enjoy. As part of this, Spadeoak was tasked with resurfacing and installing new courts and fencing at Wolf Fields, Southall, which required resurfacing a double tennis court, installing a new play-safe and secure fence line, tennis posts and nets, and appropriately colouring the surface to exacting LTA standards.

The Solution

Aggregate Industries worked with Spadeoak to supply its specialist SuperSport® asphalt to meet the project brief. SuperSport is a high-quality asphalt material specifically designed for tennis courts and multi-sports games areas (MUGAs) and offers a number of benefits such as superior drainage properties, rapid post-rainfall playability, customisable surface colours, whilst being compliant with the LTA and SAPCA regulations.

The project began with the excavation of the tennis courts to a depth of 365mm, followed by the installation of fresh geo-textile membrane and a 300mm type 3 base course. Next, a 40mm porous binder course was applied, and finally, a 25mm SuperSport surface course was laid as the top layer.

The SuperSport material not only met the performance standards required, but also ensured efficient water drainage, allowing use of the tennis courts to resume shortly after heavy rainfall. It was also used as a warm mix asphalt, reducing its carbon footprint compared to traditional materials, and providing a sustainable solution aligned with LTA's environmental objectives.

Despite the complexity of the project, it was completed within a short timeframe of just over one working week and resulted in a highly satisfied client.

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Project Details

  • Wolf Fields, Southall

  • Sports

  • Lawn & Tennis Association (LTA), Spadeoak

  • Compliance with LTA & SAPCA regulations

Specialising in Civils, Sports & Surfacing, Spadeoak is an established name in the asphalt surfacing industry since 1976 and continues to be recognised as one of the highest quality contractors in Great Britain for over 45 years. We enjoy excellent business relationships with a long and impressive list of clients from small local builders to multi-national contractors.

SuperSport is a range of porous asphalt products, specially designed for tennis courts and multi-use games areas (MUGAs). Asphalt is an ideal choice for hard-wearing, durable sports court surfaces including school playgrounds.

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