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Nord Stream gas pipeline

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Nord Stream gas pipeline

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Aggregates supplied to this huge project across europe.
1 of 1 | Aggregates supplied to this huge project across europe.

60,000 tonnes of aggregate was delivered by Aggregate Industries using ships from Scotland and Norway to locations all over Northern Europe

Key facts

Sector: Power and energy
Client: Nord Stream
Contractor: EUPEC
  • High density aggregate
  • Over 660,000 tonnes of aggregate supplied
  • Large deliveries of aggregate made by ship


Nord Stream is the new gas pipeline, currently under construction that links Russia and the European Union via the Baltic Sea. It will carry natural gas to supply both businesses and households. The new pipeline will be an important factor in providing security of energy supply to Northern Europe. The pipeline will be dual, with the first due to be completed in 2011, with a parallel one to follow.

The Nord Stream pipeline will transport up to 55 billion cubic metres of gas each year. This is enough to supply more than 26 million households.

Importantly, the steel gas pipelines have to be coated in concrete to give them stability on the seabed.

Concrete weight coating ranging from 60mm to 110mm in thickness is applied to the 12m long, 1,158mm diameter pipes. The steel pipes have an average weight of 11 tonnes, and the concrete weight coating brings the total weight of each pipe up to about 24 tonnes. This requires a large quantity of aggregate of a consistent quality. Two concrete coating plants have been built by project partner EUPEC at Mukran in Germany and Kotka in Finland, each employing around 200 people.  


Aggregate Industries Overseas supplied aggregates to the pipe coating works to a tolerance of + or – 2mm from the Halsvik Quarry. The aggregate supplied had to be of a consistent high density to minimise the risk of the pipelines floating upwards, and to achieve the desired radius on the finished pipes. Over 200,000 pipe segments will be required with just over half that now produced. In total the project will use 660,000 tonnes of aggregates. An important stipulation of this contract was the just in time delivery requirements of the projects, as there is limited storage room on site. This has proved possible through careful planning of each shipping delivery and excellent communications with the concreting plants over their production schedules.

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Nord Stream gas pipeline

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