Our products

Our extensive range of products provides all the necessary materials to effectively furnish any hard landscaping scheme, from large public realm projects to urban regeneration and environmental improvement.

Charcon is one of the UK's leading suppliers of natural stone products.  Calling on the expertise of our experienced team, we offer complete reliability in sourcing, processing and supplying a wide selection of natural stone in a variety of types and finishes.

Our range of concrete paving offers a choice of distinctive colours, textures, and sizes for all the built environment.  Stylish and functional our versatile range allows you to create durable, visually appealing design schemes.


Our extensive range of concrete and natural stone kerbs and integrated accessories are designed to improve delineation of traffic flow, protect pedestrians, assist drainage, reduce maintenance and improve the overall aesthetics of pavement construction from contemporary to heritage style projects. 


We have a broad range of linear drainage that can minimise the impact of rain water run-off and flooding in hard landscaped areas. Our product ranges can be used in a variety of settings including city and urban areas; car parks and landscaped areas; as well as heavier duty applications.