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Our high-quality, innovative and integrated concrete flag and block paving has become the go-to choice for key players in the construction industry. From architects to contractors, and everyone in between.



Our range of concrete paving including slabs and blocks are available in a variety of distinctive finishes, textures and colours, so you can be sure you’ll always find what you’re looking for. With a wide choice of sizes and styles too, you’ll find they are ideal for both traditional and modern design schemes. 


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For more information about our concrete range, please contact a member of our team. We’re more than happy to guide you through the various designs and help you find the perfect finish for your project. 

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Our homebuilder flag range offers a high quality, durable flag paver that creates aesthetic appeal at any budget  

Ideal for urban pavements our Ultrapave paving offers the appearance of natural granite with steel mesh or fibres for enhanced structural integrity.  

As part of our concrete paving range Appalachian offers the aesthetics of granite with the durability and affordability of concrete.

UrbanPave flag and block paving offers design flexibility and strong visual appeal to suit budgets and timeframes

Stonefleck modular paving combines aesthetic appeal with functionality and durability. It's cost effective whilst being a premium quality paving product in a wide range of shades and sizes.

Featuring yorkstone aggregates, Moordale Ground is a high quality flag paving that offers excellent performance and durability.

Characterised by a deep charcoal colour that echoes the look and feel of Caithness stone paving. 

A deterrent paving that blends function with flair, Elite is the ideal solution for areas where vehicular and pedestrian access is unwelcome.

Combining textural appeal, durability and economy, Moordale Textured is a high quality flag paving that contains yorkstone and limestone aggregates.

Woburn lends period charm and visual appeal to any project with its attractive timeworn and weathered appearance.

For a practical and hardwearing paving solution that also offers a degree of style and subtlety, Woburn Original fits the bill perfectly.

A functional and practical block that can be used in most applications. Europa is available in an array of colours to suit most palettes

An alternative to natural granite, Countrysetts add a rustic look and feel to prestigious pedestrian environments.

Stonemaster modular paving is a unique range of paving that has the inherent beauty of natural stone with the added benefit of Urban Surface Protection.


Concrete paving is a cost-effective solution, providing a budget-friendly yet quality option for creating attractive and functional surfaces. 

For us quality is paramount. Our entire collection of concrete paving is manufactured per BS EN 1338 and 1339 requirements, ensuring the materials, properties and test methods for precast concrete paving flags, blocks and complementary fittings comply with the current British Standards.



Concrete paving is the preferred choice for many landscape architects and contractors looking to create resilient and aesthetically pleasing surfaces. Which is why our paving is used extensively across various sectors, including commercial, residential and public spaces, being a reliable choice for creating durable pathways, patios, driveways and other surface areas. Its widespread use in areas such as parks, pedestrian zones and other communal areas reflects its durability and visual appeal.

The adaptability to various design needs, along with cost-savings and compliance with quality standards, makes them an invaluable asset to modern landscaping and construction projects. Explore the diverse applications of concrete paving and elevate the quality and efficiency of your outdoor spaces.

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