Linear Drainage Systems

Linear drainage systems are indispensable for any contemporary landscaping or construction project, playing a key role in mitigating the effects of surface water. Investing in high-quality linear drainage channels minimises the impact of rainwater, ensuring that surface areas remain dry, safe and functional. Combining performance with aesthetic appeal, our advanced linear drainage channels are specifically crafted to offer superior water management.



No project is complete without considering the repercussions of heavy rainfall. Our linear drainage channels are meticulously engineered to combat the challenges posed by excessive rain, preventing flooding in various outdoor spaces. Crafted using robust manufacturing techniques, these channels offer  durability and high-performance water conveyance. The integration of recycled materials in their manufacture highlights our commitment to sustainability, all while maintaining product strength and effectiveness in diverse environmental conditions.

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For more information about our liner drainage solutions, please contact a member of our team. We’re more than happy to guide you through the various designs and help you find the perfect fit for your project. 

Long established with a proven performance record, Safeticurb is a linear drainage system that incorporates discrete cross-fall.

Charcon H2O Linear is a hybrid surface water drainage system that combines the benefits of proven materials and robust manufacturing techniques to create an exceptional surface water drainage product for external use.


Opting for our linear drainage channels presents a cost-effective strategy for contending with the persistent issue of rainfall. These channels are not only easy to install, reducing labour costs and time, but they also enhance surface safety by preventing water pooling and potential hazards. The aesthetic versatility of our linear drainage solutions means you don't have to choose between efficiency and style.


The versatility of our linear drainage systems is evident in their wide range of applications. From urban cityscapes to residential areas, car parks and even industrial sites requiring heavy-duty water management, these systems are up to the task. Their proven performance in high-traffic areas demonstrates their reliability and endurance, making them a popular choice for professionals in various sectors.

Our UK-manufactured linear drainage channels are not just a practical addition but an essential component in modern landscaping and construction. By choosing our proven, locally-produced channels, you're investing in a sustainable, effective solution for managing the ever-present challenge of rainwater, thus enhancing the safety and functionality of outdoor spaces.


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