Products & solutions

We supply a range of Express Asphalt small load and collect service asphalt products for surfacing roads, car parks, household driveways, footpaths and sports surfaces.

In addition we also offer a wide range of macadam, asphalts & pre-coated chippings, aggregates and contractor tools and equipment.

Our macadams and asphalts are produced to British Standards with coloured macadam also available to provide an aesthetically pleasing coloured surface.

When you visit an Aggregate Industries plant to make a collection, you may also choose from our wide selection of specialist asphalt products.

SuperTrench® is a permanent hot mix asphalt surface coarse mixture that is ideal for use in the reinstatement of flexible footways, footpaths and cycle tracks.

A range of distinctly coloured asphalts that use a clear penetration grade, resinous hydrocarbon binder. The SuperColour Ultra range of coloured tarmac is the ideal choice to create amazing outdoor spaces. Including driveways, footpaths, cycle lanes and play areas.

SuperSport is a range of asphalt products designed to meet job specific requirements and offer a range of benefits for tennis courts and multi use games areas (MUGAS).

Specifically designed for domestic drives to give an aesthetically pleasing finish whilst being tough enough to cope with the demands of wear and tear from shear forces exerted by the turning wheels of private vehicles.

A cold laid range of 'cut-back' asphalt materials for reinstatements work. The product is supplied in grades for day working and extended storage.


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