Enduring Strength, Superior Grip, Enhanced Aesthetics

SuperDrive asphalt, a superior stone mastic asphalt derivative, is expertly crafted for domestic driveways and small car parks. With a high coarse aggregate content and a robust bitumen binder, this innovative product ensures exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal. It excels in resisting scuffing and weathering, offering a maintenance-friendly alternative to conventional surfacing solutions. SuperDrive is ideal for withstanding the rigours of frequent vehicle movements, making it a practical and visually pleasing choice for homeowners and contractors alike.

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Enhanced Durability

Offers superior resistance to wear and tear, including scuffing and cracking, ensuring a long-lasting surface even under frequent vehicle movements.

Aesthetic Appeal

Available in various pigments, providing a range of aesthetic options to complement different architectural styles and personal preferences.

Low Maintenance

Designed to require less upkeep compared to traditional block paving, resisting common issues like unevenness and weed growth.

SuperDrive in action

Why Use SuperDrive?

In today's fast-paced environment, the increase in multiple car households has escalated the demand for robust and reliable driveway solutions. Homeowners and contractors often grapple with issues such as scuffing from frequent vehicle movements, surface cracking due to temperature variations, and the wear and tear from tight turning circles. These challenges not only compromise the driveway's integrity but also its aesthetic appeal. Recognising these difficulties, our SuperDrive asphalt emerges as the go-to solution, expertly engineered to address and alleviate these common concerns.

SuperDrive, a premium stone mastic asphalt derivative, is specifically designed to conquer the challenges faced in driveway and light traffic car park applications. Its unique mix design, comprising a high coarse aggregate content and a viscous binder, significantly enhances the surface's resistance to scuffing and cracking, even under the strain of power-assisted steering. Moreover, its advanced formulation with modified cellulose fibres ensures a consistent, impermeable finish, greatly reducing the risk of damage from warm weather softening. The incorporation of these fibres not only strengthens the asphalt but also allows it to carry more bitumen, further boosting its durability and longevity.

The culmination of thoughtful design and high-quality materials makes SuperDrive an ideal choice for both domestic and small-scale commercial applications. It offers a blend of functional resilience and aesthetic versatility, including options for pigmentation, to suit varied design preferences. Its low-maintenance nature, coupled with resistance to common driveway issues, positions SuperDrive as a sustainable, long-term investment for any property. With SuperDrive, homeowners and contractors can rest assured that they are choosing a surface solution that excels in both performance and appearance, standing the test of time and usage.

What's SuperDrive Plus asphalt? 

SuperDrive Plus builds upon the solid foundation of SuperDrive, offering an enhanced solution for more demanding applications. It includes a unique additive that maintains workability and compaction, especially suited for hand-laid installations. This makes it particularly advantageous for intricate driveway designs or smaller areas where machine laying might not be feasible. Additionally, SuperDrive Plus boasts fuel-resisting properties, making it an ideal choice in scenarios where spillage might be a concern, such as near garages or workshops. The option for pigmentation in SuperDrive Plus further allows for a customised aesthetic, catering to clients seeking a more personalised or distinctive look for their driveway or parking area. For those requiring these specific benefits, SuperDrive Plus represents an excellent choice, combining the durability and aesthetic appeal of SuperDrive with added features for specialised needs.

  1. Residential Driveways: Ideal for homes with multiple vehicles, offering a durable surface that withstands frequent car movements and tight turns.
  2. Small Office Car Parks: Suitable for light traffic areas in business settings, providing a robust surface for daily employee and visitor use.
  3. Boutique Retail Parking Areas: Enhances the customer experience with a visually appealing and long-lasting parking surface.
  4. Private Roads and Access Lanes: Offers a durable solution for private roads, ensuring a smooth and resistant surface for regular vehicle traffic.
  5. Landscaped Residential Complexes: Can be used in landscaped areas of housing developments, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional durability.



  • Material Type: Stone Mastic Asphalt Derivative
  • Aggregate Content: High Coarse Aggregate
  • Binder Grade: 50 Penetration
  • Cellulose Fibre Content: Minimum 0.3%
  • Nominal Laying Thickness: 25-30mm

SuperDrive Plus

  • Includes all the SuperDrive specifications
  • Fuel Resisting Properties
  • Enhanced Hand Lay Performance
  • Pigmentation Options

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