Xbloc is a large wave breakwater armour unit. The Xbloc system is based on randomly placed, interlocking concrete armour units. It has been applied successfully in breakwaters and shore protection projects on 6 continents in block sizes ranging between 1.8 and 40 ton.

Xbloc is a licensed technology, developed by Delta Marine Consultants from The Netherlands. More information about design and applications of Xbloc can be found at www.xbloc.com.


Xbloc achieves maximum protection with a minimal carbon footprint. It does this by allowing for a thin armour layer characterised by high porosity and can be applied at a steep slope reducing the need for rock material. This in turn leads to a reduction in material quantities and CO2 emissions*. A reduction of up to 50% can be achieved.


Robust and durable with a long, successful track record.


Adaptability to various site conditions: rocky sea bottoms, sharp curves and roundheads.


The Xbloc has a high hydraulic stability (stability coefficient of KD = 16), requires a simple mould to be cast, is easy to handle and to place and very robust. 

Available on any shoreline

Aggregate Industries are able to caste and deliver xbloc to the destination shoreline by boat.

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  • Concrete
  • Flood prevention
  • Shoreline & sea defence
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