The Basalton Quattroblock is designed for moderate waves. This innovative block is a combination of four basalton concrete columns placed next to each other. Vertically adjacent columns give revetments greater stability than other building methods and help protected coastal erosion.

Features and Benefits


  • Concrete contains no toxic substances and is environmentally neutral.
  • This is an environmentally friendly product which poses no danger to young birds.


  • Four concrete columns form one Basalton Quattroblock element. These elements are more stable and allow for faster positioning.
  • Basalton Quattroblock achieves the highest stability factor in coastal protection. fstab = 1.64

Low Column Height

The enhanced stability of the Basalton Quattroblock allows for a low column height. This reduces building time, emissions and overall cost.

Looks Matter

  • Changes in the dyke body are visible on the revetment surface.
  • After filling the gaps with grit the surface can be sown with grass seeds to create a natural green appearance.

Delivered to any location

Aggregate Industries are able deliver the Basalton Quattroblock to any location either by land or boat.

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