Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are third party verified Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) carried out in accordance with the requirements of BS - EN15804.



We have produced EPD for our highest output quarries, aggregates from which are used on numerous large infrastructure projects. For all other quarries, we have calculated the carbon content to the requirements of PAS 2050:2011 using a tool developed by the Carbon Trust. These reports are available on request.



Cauldon plant EPD for CEM I 52.5N. Using the GCCA database we are able to produce carbon calculations for any cements produced at our Cauldon or Cookstown sites. From experience we find that third party verified EPD studies can take up to six months to verify and publish, by using the GCCA database we will be able to provide carbon calculations within a matter of weeks.


Ready Mixed Concrete Products

Our RMX EPD have been published in association with BASF. To allow customers / designers to identify low carbon concrete suitable for projects we offer carbon calculations to PAS 2050:2011 using our Carbon Trust RMX tool, these are available on request for all mix designs for all our plants.


Concrete Products

We published our original EPD in 2015 and updated them in 2017. Since then we have made good progress in decarbonising our product range which means that due to the time it takes to verify and publish an EPD they could be out of date. We are constantly updating our products and manufacturing processes to reduce embodied carbon, using our PAS 2050:2011 compliant calculator we are able to  provide up to date carbon calculations on request.




We have made good progress in decarbonising our product range through the use of low temperature asphalt and by switching to lower carbon fuels. This is an ongoing process.

Using asPECT, the industry standard carbon calculator, we are able to provide carbon calculations on request for products supplied from any of our plants.