Glensanda Granite Quarry 

Occupying a remote peninsula north of Oban, Glensanda is an immense coastal super-quarry. The facility includes a processing plant, a small aircraft landing strip, a coastal deep-water berth on Loch Linnhe, which can serve ships up to 120,000 tonnes, and a small harbour that receives a private ferry which crosses the loch from Port Appin bringing workers to the quarry. Due to the volume of material exported from the site, it is heralded as one of the largest ports in the UK

Key facts about our plant:

  • There are more than 700 million tonnes of reserves with planning permission to produce 15 million tonnes of high-quality granite products annually 
  • We are a designated UK Port, only accessible by boat, the site has its own Harbour Master and customs clearance
  • All products are exported by sea. Our largest ships carry the equivalent of 3,000 articulated road vehicles and therefore offer a sustainable option to point of delivery 
  • We are a haven for nature and are proud to hold a Biodiversity Benchmark Award. 
  • We have a Monument of National Significance on site
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Our Workforce

We employ a highly skilled workforce of 200 to operate the quarry 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, maintaining production, site infrastructure and caring for our staff based on site.

People and Communities

Our People - Health & Safety, combined with positive mental wellbeing is deeply rooted into
the company's culture.

Nature and Environment

As part of our ongoing commitment to biodiversity we have just received funding approval to plant over 60 hectares of native woodland.

Climate Change

It is now widely accepted that climate change is happening and as a result the world is facing significant global challenges.

Sustainability Strategy

In April 2022 we launched our Sustainability Strategy, which sets out our commitment “TO BE A UK LEADER OF INNOVATIVE AND SUSTAINABLE BUILDING SOLUTIONS”. To achieve this the strategy is structured around five pillars, of which four are explained in greater detail below. More detail on the strategy, including the fifth pillar “Sustainable Products” can be found within the strategy document here

Our Workforce

We estimate that over 60% of our workforce is drawn from the area between Oban and Fort William, we provide sleeping accommodation for up to 60 people on site from further afield. Many of our employees, including managers, have come through our apprenticeship programmes which have regular intakes. These can be highly skilled roles including Marine, Mechanical & Electrical engineering and lab technicians.

People and Communities

We are committed to ensuring that we have an inclusive working environment at our Glensanda site where everyone is welcomed. We value the ongoing partnership we hold within our communities and the trust and respect it holds. We currently have a community fund to help support initiatives in our closest communities including Lismore, Ardgour and Morvern and we know
how vital this support is. 

Aggregate Industries regularly provide support to local projects including Lismore Community Transport, Oban Lorne Rugby Club, Macmillan and a local school breakfast club.  If you live within 10 miles of the plant and have a community project that you think we should consider providing funding for please contact us via the “Get in touch” Section at the bottom of this page.

We support educational visits from local schools including tours of the quarry.

Nature and Environment

As part of our ongoing commitment to biodiversity we have just received funding approval to plant over 60 hectares of native woodland.

Expansion of woodland areas would be a significant improvement to the biodiversity of the estate. Plans have been drawn up for a large broad leaved woodland fenced planting scheme. This is in the process of being implemented.



Climate Change

Extreme weather events, like heat waves, storms and droughts, are already more intense and more present in our lives. It is for this reason that Aggregate Industries is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions before 2050.

The construction industry accounts for around 40% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions and we have a significant role to play in reducing this contribution. We are reviewing every aspect of the way we do business and we will innovate to eliminate CO2 from the
manufacture of our products and we will support our customers by providing low carbon construction materials.

As part of our commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2050, the team at Glensanda are working hard to look at ways to improve business performance, coupled with significant improvements in our environmental performance. This ongoing work includes Lean Manufacturing processes, energy and carbon reduction plans, renewable energy and alternative fuel projects.

Future Developments

We are about to engage in a further phase of planting which will see the creation of 60 hectares of native woodland. It is likely that we will look to create further phases as time goes on. Ecology and Biodiversity is an integral part of our project and we will continue to employ specialist consultants to monitor and help us enhance this precious natural resource.

2024 is likely to see works begin on our finger lagoon project. This project is a substantial infrastructure project which will allow us to ensure that silt from our operations is managed, minimising the impact on the environment.

We are working with the local community and Highland Council to look at how we contribute to the local community. We are looking at the possibility of inviting pitches for funding from the communities which surround Glensanda and Rhugh Garbh which would be assessed by Aggregate Industries and awards made for successful bids.

See the beauty of Glensanda plant and surrounding areas


The native broadleaved woodland planted in 2012 is thriving and really beginning to look like a woodland with species moving in. Successfully increasing biodiversity on the Glensanda estate, the new woodland creation complements the existing woodland.

Biodiversity Plan

Glensanda biodiversity action plan (BAP), is primarily based on protecting and supporting Priority Species found on the Glensanda Estate. It also includes species of local concern and biodiversity opportunities which may arise.

Biodiversity Award

Biodiversity Benchmark is a scheme to encourage and recognise good land management and improvement in performance from the Wildlife Trusts. Currently 9 sites in the UK have biodiversity benchmark.

Get in Touch

Key contacts for community liaison are:

Linda Flannigan- Aggregates Administrator

Calum Carnie- Quarries Manager

0748 493 5345

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