Combatting Coastal Erosion and Flooding: A Call to Action


Today, coastal erosion stands as the most pressing threat to coastlines globally, with the UK particularly vulnerable. This silent force has been quietly reshaping our nation's contours for years, with the four surrounding seas relentlessly chipping away at cliffs, terrains, and coasts.

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1.35 million properties

face potential inundation by 2100.


of major roads


of railway lines


Railway stations


Historic landfill sites

At Aggregate Industries, we understand the urgency of the situation. That's why we've developed an extensive range of water management products tailored for flood resilience, coastal defence, and emergency response situations. Our offerings include: Armourstone, Gabion Stone, and more, all supported by dedicated shipping and sales teams, expert technical assistance, and specialist logistical support.

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Click on the hotspots below to view a range of materials that can be used for river & coastal protection and water management. All backed-up with unrivaled logistics capabilities, allowing us to bring the products from our quarries straight to your project locations.

Empowering Resilience, Building Defences

In the face of escalating coastal erosion and flooding risks, proactive measures are imperative. Partner with Aggregate Industries for robust solutions that fortify defences, protect communities, and secure our collective future.

Together, let's confront the challenges of today to safeguard the shores of tomorrow.


Revolutionising urban resilience, Aggregate Industries offers cutting-edge SuDS solutions designed to tackle urban storm water challenges effectively and sustainably. What sets our SuDS solutions apart is their dual purpose: not only do they mitigate flooding and erosion, but also contribute to coastal defence. By integrating natural elements like vegetation and soil into urban landscapes, our systems absorb wave energy, reducing coastal erosion and bolstering shoreline stability.

With Aggregate Industries' SuDS solutions, communities can embrace a more resilient future where storm water management and sea defence work in harmony. Join us in building a sustainable urban environment that safeguards both our cities and our coastlines.

Advancing Sustainable Sea Defence Initiatives

Coastal sea defence is pivotal to Aggregate Industries' sustainability aims, aligning with our commitment to environmental stewardship and resilience. As outlined in our sustainability strategy, safeguarding coastlines preserves biodiversity, protects communities from climate risks, and maintains ecosystem balance. By 2050, we aim to pioneer innovative solutions that not only mitigate coastal erosion but also enhance coastal ecosystems' resilience. Through sustainable sea defence initiatives, such as integrating SuDS solutions into coastal infrastructure, we strive to fortify our coastal environments while reducing our carbon footprint, advancing towards a more sustainable future for both our business and the planet.

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Innovative Approaches for Coastal Protection

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