We specialise in the supply of products, solutions and services to the power and renewables construction industry, working with our chosen partners to deliver value.


Precision and quality in the form of traceability management and a wealth of knowledge in the industry. Building a relationship with our partners around energy projects is imperative, and communication is extremely important to us, it helps us to ensure that accurate project information is provided throughout and to work collaboratively to provide our partners with the innovative products and services that we stand for.

Electricity is a fundamental part of our daily lives and it is important to us all that the market works effectively. We need to meet the challenges of the future by investment in the following to ensure that our future electricity supply is secure, low carbon and affordable.

Oil and gas

We provide tailored, expert services and solutions for both oil and gas projects.

Fossil energy

We provide fossil energy services in the form of steam powered thermal energy plants, and oil and gas facilities such as oil refineries and LNG storage tanks.

Low CO2 energy

We provide a number of low impact energy services. Including; Nuclear Power, hydropower water dams, solar powered energy and renewables such as wind and wave.