Cauldon Cement PLant

Cauldon cement plant is located between the villages of Cauldon and Waterhouses in Staffordshire and was the UK’s first dry process cement manufacturing plant. The plant has been in operation since 1957 and facilitates the following:

  • Capacity to produce up to 1 million tonnes of cement per annum
  • The annual extraction of over 1 million tonnes of carboniferous limestone and 220,000 tonnes of shale from neighbouring quarries for use in the cement making process
  • 125 directly employed staff and 30 indirectly employed

All emissions are continuously monitored to show they are at safe levels. Our performance can be viewed on the Public Register held by the Environment Agency 

Lower Co2 Commitment

Cauldon now meets over 40% of its heat requirement from waste-derived and solid-recovered fuels which helps lower our CO2 emissions, contributes towards a circular economy and helps to lower costs.

Use of Waste

As a business we are continually looking at the following ways to reduce waste. Less fossil fuels, emissions from our manufacturing processes, energy recovery from other waste material and minimalizing material ending in landfill

Water Reduction

At Cauldon we’ve used an exhausted shale quarry to provide water for the cement production process, meaning that we no longer draw freshwater from the nearby River Hamps. We are committed to reducing freshwater use by a further 30% by 2025.

Major investment

In 2021 £13m was invested in new technologies, which will reduce annual CO2 emissions by up to 30,000 tonnes.


Sustainability Strategy

In April 2022 we launched our Sustainability Strategy, which sets out our commitment “TO BE A UK LEADER OF INNOVATIVE AND SUSTAINABLE BUILDING SOLUTIONS”. To achieve this the strategy is structured around 4 pillars:

Circular Economy


Sustainable Products



Nature and Environment



People and Communities



People and communities

Our People- Health & Safety, combined with positive mental wellbeing is deeply rooted into the company's culture. We are committed to ensuring that we have an inclusive working environment at all sites where everyone is welcomed.

Local Communities- we value the on going partnership we hold within our communities and the trust and respect it holds. We have a Community Liaison Group host on a quarterly basis and invite our neighbours to raise any issues directly with us.

Volunteering and Donations- Even through Covid restrictions we were still able to support 9 local projects and raise donations of £6,500. 

Educational visits and Open days- we support educational visits from local schools including tours of the plant as well as our neighbours. We will be organising a range of open days throughout the year.


Get in Touch

Key contacts for community liaison are:

Stuart Hutchings- Industrial Director Cement UK & Plant Manager

Hannah Clark- Environment Manager

01538 308 000