In addition to considering the extraction, production and transportation impacts of our products, we consider incorporating non-primary materials and the potential to recover, reuse and recycle products at end of use.


Resource efficiency

Our focus on the circular economy drives the efficient use of natural resources throughout their life cycle. We improve resource efficiency through reuse, recovery and/or recycling of waste materials in our production processes and, where feasible, minimize the generation of any hazardous and other waste, and we dispose of waste using safe and responsible methods.

We take construction and demolition waste (CDW) from redundant buildings and infrastructure to produce a recycled aggregate that can be used to replace primary aggregates. Our aim is to produce a material that can be used in the whole construction chain, not just as low grade fill material. At our asphalt plants we will take worn out roads and reuse the aggregates and bitumen to produce new roads, reducing the embodied carbon of the new road.


Waste to landfill

At our manufacturing sites and offices we have restructured our collection and recycling facilities to better reflect the nature of wastes being generated from these sites.

We are continuing to strive towards our target of zero waste to landfill and we are working closely with our waste management service providers to increase our material recovery and to identify the sources and nature of our non recoverable waste materials. In this way we plan to reduce the volumes of non recyclable materials entering our waste streams.

Our targets to 2020

  • Improved percentage of recycled materials used in our products

  • Year on year reduction to hazardous and nonhazardous waste to landfill intensity (kg/tonne)

    Year on year reduction to inert waste to landfill intensity (kg/tonne)

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Waste as fuels

At Aggregate Industries we are committed to sustainable and environmentally sound methods of disposal for all our waste including the wastes we use as fuel.

We are actively sourcing waste as fuels from sources which have undergone effective material recovery prior to sending this material to our cement sites, where it is used as fuel for cement production. These fuels consist of a wide range of materials from wood and domestic waste to sewage sludges and tyres.

Europe produces 350 million waste tyres each year, with only a limited market for their disposal. Working with Geocycle, we are committed to identifying more sustainable and carbon efficient fuels.

Water and nature

As water scarcity and flooding are increasingly important issues for society, our concern for responsible water use and management goes beyond our operational boundaries.

People and communities

We are committed to being a responsible partner, effectively contributing to improving the quality of life of the members of our workforce, their families and the communities around our operations.


With a strong portfolio of sustainable products and services, we will help our customers avoid CO2 emissions released from buildings and infrastructure over the whole life-cycle.