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Concrete products within the built external environment to create sustainable solutions

This CPD looks into how, as a manufacturer of concrete and aggregate products we have been working for more than a
decade to create sustainable solutions for all our core markets. We have been addressing issues such as ethical trading,
carbon and water management, biodiversity, and social responsibility so that we can offer our customers truly sustainable

Cycle Infrastructure - All you need to know!

Join us to build your skills on specifying the right products for your cycle infrastructure project.

The CPD covers the benefits of cycle infrastructure from several perspectives - society, the economy and the end user. The presentation also covers the LTN1 20 document, the history of cycle infrastructure and the Charcon range of cycle kerbs.

DDA Access and Mobility

The CPD will cover the access and use of buildings, “Building Regulations Part M 2004” and the NHBC recommendations. Ramps, steps and tactile paving will be reviewed in detail along with examples of good and bad product selection. The presentation will also consider how the good design of access and mobility can be incorporated sympathetically into the public realm whilst putting the end user first.

Good and Bad Detailing

The CPD will cover manufacturing tolerances, British Standards and tests for concrete block paving, flags and kerbs. Installation and Design standards will be reviewed along with general pavement construction. The appropriate selection of pavement materials and their loading capabilities will be discussed and examples of good and bad detailing will be demonstrated.  The CPD will leave the attendee with the ability to select the correct paving product for the intended application. 

Revisiting SUDS (Again!)

A look into the misconceptions of SuDs and what they really are and the different option available to us. How one of the
largest housing projects in the UK, Barking Riverside looks 10 years on. What’s new in the world of SuDs and how SuDs was
retrofitted in a high street at White Hart Lane East.

Charcon Works Tour - Hulland Ward Derbyshire

Take a look at Europe's largest flag and kerb plant covering 85 acres. The tour covers the production methods for both wet
cast and hydraulically pressed concrete flags, kerbs and MTO special products. Quality control procedures, storage processes
for raw materials, and rotation of stock is explained and demonstrated.