Our CPD seminars are designed to help you improve or maintain your industry knowledge and skills.


DDA Access and Mobility

The CPD will cover the access and use of buildings, “Building Regulations Part M 2004” and the NHBC recommendations. Ramps, steps and tactile paving will be reviewed in detail along with examples of good and bad product selection. The presentation will also consider how the good design of access and mobility can be incorporated sympathetically into the public realm whilst putting the end user first.


Good and Bad Detailing

The CPD will cover manufacturing tolerances, British Standards and tests for concrete block paving, flags and kerbs. Installation and Design standards will be reviewed along with general pavement construction. The appropriate selection of pavement materials and their loading capabilities will be discussed and examples of good and bad detailing will be demonstrated.  The CPD will leave the attendee with the ability to select the correct paving product for the intended application. 


Using concrete as a sustainable material in design

An introduction to ready-mixed and precast concrete including concrete constituents, colour, strength and ad-mixtures as well as learnings on thermal mass and insulated masonry. Responsible sourcing of materials to BES 6001.

RIBA approved CPD material


Using Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

Illustrating the need for SuDS and different hard landscaped SuDS pavement options as well as considering the design and maintenance of the system.


Natural stone from quarry to street

Taking a look at the history of natural stone and its selection process in todays landscape in terms of design, installation, standards and ethics.


An introduction to asphalt

Providing an introduction to the different types of asphalt and constituents used in manufacture, this seminar looks at the different characteristics of asphalts and how to use in the right application.


Asphalt in Sustainable Drainage Systems

Reviewing the increasing concerns and problems associated with localised flooding, we look at the latest developments in source control, focusing on asphalt as the surface solution.


Sustainability in asphalt

Exploring the various ways that asphalts can be specified and used sustainably so that the most appropriate is chosen within the design.


Asphalt for architects

Offering an overview of asphalt materials and their applications including performance asphalts, sustainable options, SuDS surfacing and those selected on aesthetic properties.


Asphalt pavement design

The seminar provides an insight into the development of the structural design of asphalt pavements, covering the key elements, explaining their purpose and how they are incorporated within the process, it concludes with a worked example of a typical pavement.


Modified bitumens in pavements

An insight into the increasing role which modified polymer modified bitumens have within asphalt pavement solutions.


Lytag CPD Seminar

A quick overview of where PFA comes from and how its generated into a useable building product.