As your chosen partner at each stage of your development, we can add value by providing you with not only tailored products but solutions and support every step of the way.


Whether you’re an investor, developer, design team or contractor, building individual or mid to high rise residential housing, you’ll require a few things. We cover everything, including fast track construction on efficient job sites, top level thermal insulation and environmental certification as well as specific high strength solutions and logistics for all constructions. We understand every challenge and we’re more than capable of working with you to make sure every cement, aggregate, ready-mixed and precast concrete solution requirement of yours is met.

We’re happy to offer solutions in making your construction programme easier and your job site more efficient. It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual home builder, residential mid to high rise builder, developer, contractor, architect, specifier or volume house builder.
House schematic

Breadth of solutions

  • Maximising speed and efficiency of the construction process and minimising waste and costs by streamlining work on home-building sites.
  • Building aesthetic, durable and long-lasting homes to meet the expectations of the homeowner.
  • Providing a one-stop shop for structural works, where you can find all the necessary materials and solutions.
  • Estimating an accurate amount of materials needed for your project, with our materials quantification service.
  • Ensuring continuous delivery of large volumes of materials, even in crowded city centres that are difficult to reach.

Customised services 

  • Increasing the value of your project and attracting buyers and renters with green building accreditations and labels (BREEAM® etc.), as well as superior environmental features for water, waste, and recycling.
  • Helping to improve the speed of construction with slab floors installed in just one pour with our self-placing, self-levelling concrete (with our international brand Agilia®).
  • Fulfilling aspirations through our natural or reconstituted stone decorative edging, coping, gravel and block paving to create a truly beautiful garden or driveway from our renowned Bradstone brand.
  • Providing products and technical guidance to improve water management and reduce the risk of floods with our new generation of surface drainage solutions.
Portfolio of construction materials
Our extensive portfolio of construction materials ranges from ready-mixed concrete, aggregates, asphalt, packed cement, blocks and structured walling and roofing, flooring, concrete stairs, frames and landings, SuDs and commercial and domestic landscaping.
Support services

We offer a variety of support services for all sorts of sectors, including technical, design, installation, regulatory and thermal efficiency of your construction.