Rip Rap


Rip Rap is a coarse rock available in a size range of 300-700mm to 500-700mm. It's an effective choice for the protection of shorelines, structures and rivers offering long lasting wave dissipation and scour protection.

Rip Rap acts as a wall of armour along the seafront, river banks or streams in order to protect the infrastructure around it, and prevent any chance of soil erosion caused by rain or run off, with excellent drainage properties in order to maintain the structure of the land.


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Manufactured size ranges in order to prevent sea water from eroding infrastructure.


Rip Rap is designed to withstand the test of time due to its hard wearing properties. The product is a quality granite rock, highly resistant to water erosion.

Shape & Dimension

Can be combined to create all shapes and sizes to meet each requirement. The rocks can easily interlock together to dissipate energy from the waves. 

Rip Rap
Rip Rap Methop 1
Rip Rap Methop 2

why rip rap?

Our highly durable Rip Rap should be your first port of call for anything sea defence related, and we can provide you with our high quality product all over the country. It works by absorbing the impact of waves before they reach a structure or beach. The permeability of RipRap slows the water flow, reducing the effect of erosion.

We have sites in Glensanda (Scotland) and Bardon Hill (Leicester) that can create products of this size, with a large chunk of our Rip Rap coming all the way from Norway.
This is due to the strength of the rock in these areas, boasting excellent durability qualities and therefore developing a strong resistance to erosion.

We can transport our heavy duty Armour Stone across the country with excellent logistics services meaning we can distribute by sea, road or rail. This also works towards our sustainability goals as we can differentiate our modes of transport depending on your requirements.

  • Urban Infrastructure: Prevents the deformation of surrounding architectural projects and buildings.
  • Shoreline Protection: Prevents erosion caused by wave action and currents by reducing the water's ability to carry away soil.
  • Slope management: Provides a stable surface to resist erosion from rain and water runoff.


  • 300/500-700mm Size Range
  • 13383 pt 1, 2002

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