Being at the heart of the construction industry, we have the products and service solutions that can help you. We bring innovative and high-performance solutions in cement, aggregates, concrete, flooring, roofing, walling and landscaping systems that also encompass logistics, project management, construction and consulting services.

For contractors, architects, engineers, developers, owners and investors, building and renovation projects come with many challenges. Considerations for energy efficiency, environmental certification, fast track construction and requirements for durable, aesthetic, innovative and cost-effective solutions are all important

Your challenges

Resource efficient buildings

Improving the thermal performance of buildings provides comfort and reduced energy costs for homeowners and occupants. It is also a key component of local green building labels, such as BREEAM® which give extra value to your project. 

Aggregate Industries is your partner in optimising your building's energy efficiency and environmental performance with:

  • Innovative thermal efficient concrete products 
  • Efficient building systems for walls, floors and roofs 
  • Solutions for thermal renovation and rehabilitation, in order to retrofit your old building according to modern standards and legislation
  • Recycling of demolition waste directly on site to extend materials' lifecycle
Design and architecture

Aggregate Industries can provide you with aesthetic building solutions for all specifications. From smooth contemporary masonry for city buildings through to conservation walling stone moulded regional natural masters. Developers, architects and engineers have a wide portfolio of products that bring together both design and functionality to meet their building requirements

Providing the latest in building innovations

You are sure to benefit from construction solutions and building systems using the latest technology, thanks to:

  • Collaboration with architects, engineers, and design teams to tailor the best solutions, develop new solutions together and encourage creativity and innovation in building design
  • As part of the Holcim Group, Aggregate Industries has access the worlds most comprehensive research and development center, in Lyon (France). It is the first of its kind for building materials worldwide
  • Network of local development labs. 



As your chosen partner at each stage of your development, we can add value by providing you with not only tailored products but solutions and support every step of the way.


We’re here to help you with building your project, whether it’s commercial, institutional, industrial, an office building or low or high-rise construction.


We have boundless technical expertise and ground-breaking solutions for your project, from high-rise buildings to skyscrapers.