Sustainability is at the heart of our business, from our values to our vision, and is one of our strategic pillars. Our aim is to be the UK leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions.

We are committed to improving our impact on the global environment and its people.

We do this first and foremost because we are a responsible business and we care about our people, communities and the planet. However, we also need to adapt to our surroundings and help accelerate the transition to an economy that is Net Zero, circular and protects people, nature and the environment.

If we excel at sustainability we not only support the success of the world we live in, but we also support the success of our clients, customers and partners by achieving our vision:

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It starts today with our commitments to build a better tomorrow.

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Our Sustainability Strategy is central to driving our business, setting ambitious goals to accelerate our transition to a Net Zero and Circular economy.

We will protect and enhance the local environment, grow and develop our people and invest in communities where we live and work.

Social Value

People and Communities are the fundamentals that underpin our business. We understand the importance of our role not only as an employer, but also as a contributor to society. 

As an employer of over 3600 people, we bring employment, drive economic growth and deliver social benefits to the regions in which we operate. Our strategy around people covers our employees, contractors, customers, suppliers and communities. We strive for inclusive growth for all.

    Here’s how we’re going to achieve the People and Communities element of our Sustainability strategy; 

    • Our health & safety culture maturity will be at ‘proactive’ or ‘generative’ level
    • We will improve our lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR) by 25% by 2025 (from 2021 0.52 million hours worked)
    • Provide 200 new opportunities for apprenticeships  
    • Aim to have 33% female leaders, and 30% overall female representation in the business  
    • 100% of suppliers deemed high risk will be assessed against our responsible code of conduct
    • Positively impact 50,000 people (per annum) within our surrounding communities 
    • Build a culture of community service and aim for 3,000 volunteer hours per annum 
    • Appoint charity partners and support fundraising activities with a target of £50,000 per annum
    • 100% of our major sites will have community engagement plans in place

    Our commitment “We will keep our people safe and well and have a positive impact on those communities where we live and operate.”


    Local volunteering

    We are an active participant in many local community/charitable initiatives, ensuring we provide a lasting legacy in the areas in which we work. We deliver this through employee volunteering, donation of skills and materials and fundraising. We have partnered with Neighbourly, a volunteering platform to help us to achieve our goal of 3,000 volunteering hours per annum by 2025.


    Wildlife Trust

    We have proudly worked with with the Wildlife Trust for more than 12 years. Together we have restored quarried areas; creating wildlife reserves that play a vital role in restoring nature which communities can enjoy. Ten of our extraction sites were certified to the Trusts’ Biodiversity Benchmark, which sets the highest standards for managing the land for wildlife.

    Quarry restoration

    We work closely with local authorities and wildlife trusts to transforms former quarries to nature reserves and reservoirs. Creating beautiful landscapes that helps make our operations sustainable.

    Employee initiatives

    We are proud that our teams take part in many local initiatives across our businesses. These activities include raising money from walking the Leicestershire peaks, litter picking, providing funding or even materials. Our employees are supported and encouraged to find ways to help their local communities.