GGBS can be used with Portland cement to improve the overall performance of the concrete. 

GGBS can typically be substituted between 30-50% of the binder content. GGBS reduces the risk of sulfate attack on the concrete.  The reaction of the GGBS particles is also slower which makes it suitable for mass pours as the risk of thermal cracking is reduced.  

Suitable for a wide range of uses

  • Concrete Block Paving
  • Soil Stabilisation
  • Tunnelling
  • Foundations
  • Ready mix
  • Piling

Improves concrete durability

  • Slower setting times and reduced heat of hydration means less chance of thermal cracking in large pours.

Better finishing of the concrete

  • GGBS improves the workability of the concrete and makes finishing easier.  It is produces a lighter coloured concrete which can reduce the demand on lighting requirements.

More sustainable concrete

  • Reduces concretes embedded CO2 and reduces the risk of chlorine ingress, sulphate attack and ASR.



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