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Aggregate Industries is the leading supplier of performance readymix concrete and screed products. Our screed calculator tool will work out the amount required for your concrete base or structure. Whether you need support for your housing project, construction, or at home DIY project we have the specialist team and value added product range to meet your needs.


How to use the screed Calculator

Select the shape required and enter the dimensions to view your results. You can enter multiple shapes into the tool to receive an overall amount required.

As the leading experts in Readymix solutions across the UK, we can offer technical support and guidance to ensure you receive the highest quality performance and prescribed mix requirements. Simply follow the 3 steps below.

Note- Our calculation tool factors in a minimum level of required concrete to avoid wastage. You may want to allow for a 5% margin to cover additional needs.


Step 1- Calculate your requirement


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Step 2- Find a plant

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Step 3- Request a quote

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Frequently asked questions

What is screed?

Screed concrete refers to a technique to level and smooth a freshly poured concrete surface. A specialised tool is used to distribute and flatten the concrete evenly. Read our essential guide to screed for more information.

How long does screed take to dry?

The drying process is dependant on various factors such as temperature, humidity, what mix is used and the thickness of the screed. In general, the concrete screeding process can take anywhere between a few hours and several days to dry. 

Don't forget that drying is different from curing. When screed or concrete dries it will form a hard skin and will appear dry however the curing process is the removal of all the water from within the mix and that can take time to evaporate fully. This contributes to the strength and durability that comes with using concrete so do ensure you do not add significant weight for several days after laying. 

How to screed a floor

To screed a floor, pour concrete evenly over the area and use a screed board or tool to spread and level it. Move the screed back and forth in a sawing motion, filling low spots and removing excess material. Repeat until the surface is smooth and level. Allow the screed to dry and cure before proceeding with the floor installation. Looking to buy screed tight away? Visit to buy small load quantities of screed. 

Liquid screed near me

Due to the drying time of concrete and screed products you need to be able to have the screed delivered and ready to work with as soon as your are ready on your project. We have plants up and down the UK and are able to support your regional needs and deliver this direct to your door with no hassle. You can buy online direct from us for your floor screed needs from or get in touch if you have a larger scale project where we can advice on the quantities and best performing products for your needs.