Lafarge packed products are developed, manufactured and supplied to the building industry with six fundamental principles in mind; innovation, reliability, history, quality, sustainability and health and safety. We support these principles as the supplier, as part of the LafargeHolcim group.
13 products

13 products

Lafarge General Purpose Cement
General Purpose Cement can be used for traditional nominal mixes for all general applications. Available in 25kg paper bags.
Lafarge General Purpose+
High strength cement for excellent performance. Available in water and tear resistant 25kg plastic bags for durability.
Lafarge Sulfate Resistant
Portland-fly ash cement with a high sulfate resistance* and a moderate heat of hydration conforming to BS EN 197-1 CEM II/B-V 42,5N.
Lafarge Mortar Mix
Pre-mixed ready to use mortar composed of a selected blend of cement, lime and aggregates for laying all types of brick and block. Available in 25kg plastic bags.
Lafarge Super White
High early and 28 day 52,5R strength cement. Available in 25kg paper bags.
Lafarge Postmix
Premixed ready to use product composed of a selected blend of cements and aggregates intended for domestic use. Available in 20kg plastic bags.
Lafarge Concrete Mix
Pre-mixed ready to use application composed of a blend of cement and aggregates.