Bagged cement

From instant concrete and hydrated lime to high-performance concrete, sulphate-resistant cement and more, we’ve a comprehensive range of bagged cement products, ideal for EVERY construction project.


Each of our bagged cement products - from general purpose cement through to rapid set or instant concrete - adhere to British Standards, and also carry either CE or UKCA marks. So you can be certain you’re getting materials of the highest quality, manufactured to superior standards. Pioneering responsibility in sourcing, we were the first cement company in the UK to obtain BES 6001 certification.

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32,5R strength lower carbon cement with excellent performance. Available in 25kg paper bags.

32,5R strength lower carbon cement with excellent performance. Available in water and tear resistant 25kg plastic bags.

Fast setting cement for use on projects where strength, speed & durability are key.

Lower carbon sulfate resistant cement with a high strength of 42,5N. Perfect for below ground & structural works. 

Lafarge High Strength cement is a quality BS EN 197-1 CEM I 52,5N Portland cement ideal for structural works.

Premium 52,5R strength white Portland cement, perfect for producing light concrete & mortars.

Premixed ready-to-use post fix concrete perfect for securing wooden, metal or concrete fence posts. Available in 20kg plastic bags.

Ready-to-use 40N High Performance Concrete, perfect for any structural or general application.

A moderately hydraulic lime mix ideal for mixing lime mortar, lime render or lime plaster. Available in 25kg bags.


A high calcium, non hydraulic, hydrated lime. Available in 25kg paper bags.

General purpose premixed mortar ideal for all masonry works, from block & bricklaying to pointing.  

Cement set on making a difference

Our bagged cement range, available 20kg or 25kg paper or durable plastic bags, meet the needs of both domestic and commercial schemes. Our product portfolio includes Lafarge General Purpose+ low-carbon cement and Lafarge High Strength cement, both compliant with BS EN 197-1.

We provide a consistent and reliable supply for projects of all sizes. And we pride ourselves on supplying products offering superior performance and reliability, delivering excellence at every stage of your project.

A reliable team you can trust

Our customer service team is always available to provide technical assistance and guide you to the correct bulk cement product for your specific requirements.


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