Specialist aggregates

High-quality specialist aggregates, including aggregates for flood and coastal defence systems. 


We’ve a range of specialist aggregates sourced from over 60 quarries nationwide. Combined with a comprehensive transportation network, this enables us to provide flexible and rapid delivery across the country.

The strength and durability of our specialist aggregates for flood and coastal defence make them ideal for withstanding the harsh conditions of marine and fluvial environments.

With the increasing threat of climate change causing rising sea levels and more extreme weather events, the use of our specialist aggregates for coastal protection is growing. An aggregate-based defence structure can also provide a habitat for various marine species, contributing to biodiversity and supporting local ecosystems.

Our extensive range of specialist aggregates includes stone for gabion baskets, crushed rock rip rap for long-lasting wave dissipation and scour protection, and armourstone for intermediate waves and offshore subsea engineering.

In partnership with Holcim Coastal, we can also provide the innovative Quattroblock - considered to be the most stable block revetment currently available - and the Xbloc system of breakwater concrete armour units for high waves, which has been applied successfully in breakwaters and shore protection projects across the world.

In addition to aggregates for flood and sea defences, our specialist range includes Lytacrete, a lightweight concrete which reduces the weight of structural concrete, making it ideal for construction projects where weight is a key factor. Also within the specialist aggregates range we have natural stone track bedding for laying below railway sleepers.

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A specialist decorative product, used most prominently in landscaping jobs such as pathways, driveways and car parks, leaving an attractive finish.

Specialist bedding stone made from natural stone used for laying below railway sleepers.

Based in Kirkby on Bain, Woodhall Spa Quarry sells locally extracted materials, in addition to a wide variety of other products, sourced from all over the UK.

Rip Rap is a crushed rock available in 300-700mm and 500mm-700mm sizes. It’s an effective choice for the protection of shorelines, structures and rivers offering long lasting wave dissipation and scour protection.

Available in tote bags weighing minimum 800 kilograms, our range of bagged aggregates includes sand, gravel, crushed stone and specialised materials like recycled concrete.

Armourstone is natural quarry stone, chosen for its durability and resistance to wear and erosion.

The Basalton Quattroblock is designed for moderate waves. This innovative block is a combination of four basalton concrete columns placed next to each other

Xbloc is a large wave breakwater armour unit. The Xbloc system is based on randomly placed, interlocking concrete armour units.

A 150-300mm stone used as a walling stone some also use this for a larger option when filling gabion baskets.

Our Gabion stone is commonly used as a fill material for Gabion stone baskets, nets and rolls.

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