Flood & Sea Defence Aggregates

Flood and sea defence aggregates with the resilience and strength to withstand the harshest conditions.

Robust and durable, our extensive selection of sea defence aggregates is well-suited to cater to the evolving requirements of sea and coastal defences in a world where rising sea levels are an increasing concern.

Sourced from over 60 quarries across the country, and readily available via a comprehensive nationwide transportation network, are a resilient and reliable protection against the powerful forces of nature, making them an integral part of modern sea defences.

Able to withstand the test of time and challenging weather conditions, these specialist aggregates for river and coastal defences offer long-lasting protection to shores, embankments and shoreline infrastructure, playing a vital role in dissipating wave energy and mitigating soil erosion, crucial for maintaining the natural integrity of our landscapes.

In line with our commitment to environmental sustainability, our sea defence aggregates do more than just stand against flood and sea threats. They promote vegetation growth and facilitate habitat creation, underscoring our dedication to nurturing a harmonious balance between environmental protection and preservation.

In addition to gabion stone, rip rap and armourstone, our aggregates for sea defences includes innovative products such as Quattroblock (the most stable block revetment currently available) and the highly regarded Xbloc system of breakwater concrete armour units.

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Xbloc achieves maximum protection with a minimal carbon footprint. It does this by allowing for a thin armour layer characterised by high porosity and can be applied at a steep slope reducing the need for rock material.

The Quattroblock is designed for moderate waves. This innovative block is a combination of four basalton concrete columns placed next to each other.

Available in 300-500mm and 500-700mm, also known to some as armour stone and rock armour.

Coastal and flood protection, Offshore subsea engineering. Armourstone is natural quarry stone, chosen for its durability and resistance to wear and erosion. The sizes range from 45mm to 10+ Tonne rock, used for various applications.

Our Gabion stone is commonly used as a fill material for Gabion stone baskets, nets and rolls. During recent years, the demand for Gabion in gardens has increased because of its aesthetically pleasing nature

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