Bulk cement

One of the UK’s leading cement suppliers, we support the construction industry with an extensive portfolio of innovative & sustainable bulk cement products. our cementitious solutions have been used on some of the most iconic construction projects.


We manufacture products for a diverse range of both general and specialist use. From cement perfect for pre cast concrete product manufacturing and readymix applications to specialist cementitious binders, whatever your bulk product needs, we have the right blend for your project. 

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ECOPlanet Endure brings together the perfect combination of eco credentials and exceptional performance. With a higher level of sulfate resistance, this versatile cement is ideal for precast concrete and below ground concrete works.  

An engineered solution for chemical soil stabilisation, TerraCem is designed to modify and improve weak or contaminated soils. Ideal in site preparation for infrastructure or building projects.

Lafarge SustainaCem cement is a pre-blended sustainable binder for use in the concrete products market, offering a 15% reduction in embodied carbon compared to CEM I ordinary Portland cement.

Lafarge white Portland cement is a premium 52,5R strength product designed to lighten and brighten concrete or mortars. It's perfect for projects where a bright white finish is required, such as paving slabs & street furniture.

High strength 52,5N CEM II/A-L quality controlled to conform to BS EN 197-1. It's lighter grey colour makes it perfect for architectural projects, as well as for precast concrete, readymix, screed, mortar, render, grouts and volumetric production.

Our most versatile cement. Portland Cement is the most commonly used cement in the UK. Suitable for a range of uses and produced to consistent quality standards.

Why choose our cement?

Our bulk cement range includes low carbon alternatives such as Lafarge SustainaCem, which provides a 15% reduction in embodied carbon compared to CEM I 52,5N and Lafarge ECOPlanet Endure, the green cement, designed for superior resistance to sulphate and chloride ingress.

Also in the bulk range is the versatile Portland Cement, suitable for a broad range of uses and compatible with various admixtures, White Portland Cement, which can also be used with pigments to produce coloured concretes, Lafarge TerraCem, which excels in soil stabilisation for infrastructure applications and Portland Limestone Cement, lighter than Portland Cement and perfect for architectural concrete.

Always on hand to help

Our team is always available to provide technical assistance and guide you to the correct bulk cement product for your specific requirements.

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