Specialist Sand Aggregates

High-quality and highly-regarded specialist sand aggregates for many applications across a wide number of sectors.


Recognised for some of the highest quality deposits in the industry, our quarries at Fauldhouse in Scotland and Leighton Buzzard in England produce a range of popular sand aggregate, including acclaimed Levenseat and Garside sands, praised for their consistency and versatility.

Readily and rapidly available via a comprehensive nationwide transportation network, our sand aggregate is suitable for a variety of applications and industries where quality is important.

From play pits and golf bunkers to synthetic pitches and equestrian arenas, Levenseat and Garside sands are in widespread use in the sports and leisure sectors, mainly due to their compacting, free-draining and non-staining properties.

Due to their cleanliness and high silica content, our specialist sand aggregates are also popular for filtration units, including rapid gravity, slow sand and domestic and commercial swimming pool filters, where they are particularly effective at the removal of suspended particles.

However, applications for our specialist sands are certainly not limited to these sectors, with them having many uses in the construction industry, the rail sector and the utilities market, where they are deployed as backfill for underground power cables. In industry, our specialist silica sand is used for sand casting, primary and ancillary energy dissipation and as a mould release in brick manufacturing, among many other uses.

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Levenseat & Garside sands produce a range of kiln dried sands, moist top dressing sands & rootzone sands for use in sports construction and maintenance projects.

Our specialist sands act as filter media both as an under gravel filter and within water filters in larger aquariums. Ability to supply from our two locations: Levenseat Specialist sands in Scotland and Garside Specialist Sands in England.

Specialist silica sand for primary and ancillary energy dissipation purposes, and for use in the sand casting market.

Our sands meet industry standards suitable for the Utility sector applications. 

Our sands can be used in ready-mixed concrete, precast, asphalt and render.

Our specialist sands’ specific grain shape and free-flowing composition makes it ideal for use in sand boxes on locomotives and trams for breaking assistance.

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