Carbon offsetting

We are committed to supporting our customers and clients in achieving their carbon goals. This is why we are working hard to develop low carbon products and we will always prioritise reducing carbon in the first instance. We do recognise that some of our customers and clients wish to combine the procurement of low carbon products with carbon offsetting and we offer this service using only the highest standard of offsetting scheme.


What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting means individuals and companies can reduce carbon emissions by buying credits in carbon reduction projects. These can include:

  • Biogas generation
  • Clean water access
  • Clean cookstove projects
  • Renewables, such as solar PV and wind turbines


circular ecology

Our offsetting partner

We’ve chosen to partner with the UK based environmental consultant, Circular Ecology. Founded in 2013, they specialise in resource efficiency services, including carbon footprinting, water footprinting, life cycle assessment (LCA), and circular economy.

Circular Ecology has a strong background in the construction industry, making them an ideal partner to support Aggregate Industries.


The offsetting process

The process of carbon offsetting your emissions involves procuring carbon credits and then retiring the credits on behalf of the organisation. In order for a carbon credit to be have credibility, it must be:

  • Additional – ensuring that the carbon reduction is real and permanent
  • Verified – providing assurance on the quality and credibility of the credits
  • Traceable – transparent and proving proof of the offset


In order to meet these criteria, there are carbon offsets available from various verification schemes, including:

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