Innovative, specialist & technical solutions

We have technical expertise and experience in all areas of highway design and construction, delivering value-added solutions to our customers and clients.

Our success comes from understanding the technical needs and requirements of our customers and the condition of the existing asset that requires improvement

SuperFlex Asphalt - A3 Kingston
Motorway works
Pavers with technology
Operative using a Peltor Headset
Balloon Lighting
Tailored pavement solutions

The following examples show the range of pavement solutions that we have offered to our clients:

Enhancing customer experience through improved ride-ability
Use of MT3000-2I Asphalt Feeder to provide continuous flow of asphalt – optimising the laying rate and  reducing pavement joints through the use of wide pavers 
Contract examples: M1 Junction 32-35a, Silverstone  racetrack, Queensway Tunnel Liverpool A30 Temple to Higher Carblake, A556 Knutsford to Bowden

Reducing construction time
Laying  Hydraulically Bound  Mixtures up to 300mm thick and up to 13m wide, providing onsite batching facilities, or by extending the working window  
Contract examples: A453 (M1-A52 Dualling), A45/A46 Tollbar Improvement Scheme, A556 Knutsford to Bowden, A1 Leeming to Barton Improvement Scheme, Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route, Cannington Bypass, M60 Junction 8-M62 Junction 20 MSM

Reducing PSV aggregates
Contract examples: M1 Junction 16-19, M1 Junction 23a-25

Alternative innovative products optimising pavement value 
Developing products to meet the client needs, SuperFlex® 20, SuperCurve, Marshall Asphalts, SuperFlex®, SuperHitex®, SuperLow®
Contract examples: LoHAC - A3 Kingston Bypass, Sheffield PFI, Gatwick Airport, RAF Culdrose, Cumbria Framework, QEII Bridge Resurfacing, Surrey County Council - Project Horizon.

Diamond drilling, coring and saw cutting

Our diamond drilling, coring and saw cutting experts offer a national service. 

Diamond  drilling 
We are able to drill through varied materials to any size required by the client. We carry out percussive drilling, fixing and bursting. We are able to drill through most materials from concrete to armour plates in naval ships and install fixings or anchors.

We provide coring for multiple surfaces including bridge parapets, roads, walls, concrete, brickwork, masonary and many more.

Saw cutting
Our experts carry out concrete cutting, demolition of concrete structures and tracing of reinforced structures  using floor saws, wall saws and wire saw cutting service. 

Mobile data capture

Our Automated Intelligent, Testing (AIT) system; developed in collaboration with, records quality data from the asphalt laying process in real-time. The data reports produced, are BIM Level 2 compliant for incorporation in client Highways Building Information Model (BIM).

Quality control

Our quality control teams operate in over 30 regional laboratories, offering advanced asphalt testing and mixture development which ensures all of our products meet the highest requirements of national standards

Innovations & Technologies

We’re committed to investing in research and development exploring opportunities to improve and innovate in asphalt performance and carbon reduction. We collaborate with many UK and European Universities and national specifier groups to ensure we are at the forefront of sustainable materials technology.

Pavement design & Installation

Our contracting technical services are ready to optimise pavement designs with our clients offering numerous design alternatives and technologies. At installation, we offer the latest in contract compliance testing, delivering a complete set of digital as-built records through our Automatic Intelligent Technology (AIT) systems.

We also work with construction plant and equipment manufacturers to improve design, technology and support automation. This leads to improvements in the application of our products, which will provide material longevity

Research & development technical centre

We have a well equipped dedicated technology centre, Moordale House; this comprises a number of laboratories staffed by an experienced team of technologists and scientists. The facility provides both a research and technical service to the company and independently to our large customer base under a strictly applied UKAS quality service.

The centre celebrates over 20 years of asphalt and aggregate research and has published over 60 peer reviewed papers during this period, participating in many major industry research collaborations both within the UK and Internationally

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