GGBS For Concrete

GGBS for low carbon concrete production

Our portfolio of innovative, high-quality products includes Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS), a cement addition providing an optimal mix of environmental benefits and performance.

A by-product of the iron industry, GGBS is made when blast furnace slag is finely ground into a powder. It possesses hydraulic properties, which means it can partially replace Portland cement in concrete mixtures. In fact, in the UK, GGBS can replace 70% or more of Portland cement.

Applications for GGBS span a wide array of projects where sustainability and durability are paramount - from soil stabilisation and foundations to tunnelling, street furniture and concrete block paving.

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GGBS is perfect for lower carbon concrete manufacturing
GGBS Based Green Cement for Architectural Concrete
Suitable for Buildings & Infrastructure Projects

Opting for GGBS can offer several key advantages:

  • Reduces the consumption of cement, resulting in lower carbon dioxide emissions and more sustainable construction products

  • It enhances the long-term strength, durability and workability of concrete when used as a partial cement replacement. 

  • When used in the correct proportions offers resistance to sulfate attack and chloride ingress, which can corrode steel reinforcement.

  • GGBS has slower hydration properties compared to cement, which reduces the heat generated during the concrete setting process and minimises the risk of thermal cracking

  • Mitigates the alkali-silica reaction, which is a chemical reaction that can lead to concrete cracking and degradation.

  • Delivers an off-white finish, offering safety in darker areas and reduced lighting requirements while enhancing the overall aesthetics of your project.

  • As GGBS is a by-product, it's often more cost effective for concrete production


As a major UK cement manufacturer, Lafarge is a leading supplier of chemical soil stabilisation materials to the UK construction industry.

Committed to innovation, Lafarge consistency integrates advanced technology into products which are manufactured to the highest possible standards.

With a national distribution network available, we can ensure a reliable supply of cementitious products throughout the UK, whatever the size and scale of your project. All backed by an exceptional level of customer service and technical support.