Cycle Kerbs

Cycle kerbs to reduce maintenance and improve the overall aesthetics of your pavement construction projects.

What We Offer: 

Our range of cycle kerbs is designed to increase aesthetic appeal and provide maximum functionality. The cycle kerbs in our product line can improve traffic flow and protect pedestrians - all with minimal maintenance on your behalf. 

Its purposeful design features a half batter along the carriageway, which is strong enough to withstand vehicular impact, and a splayed edge skirting along the cycleway side, which is sleek enough to reduce the chances of a cyclist catching a pedal. 

All in all, our versatile range of cycle kerbs and accessories aims to keep pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists as safe as possible. But we don’t stop there. Our products also strive to protect the environment.

Cycle Demarcation Kerbs with a choice of angled profiles that create a gentle and smooth transition between the carriageway and the cycle lane. Able to withstand vehicle overrun, they are specifically designed to safely segregate cyclists from passing traffic.

Featuring a half batter along the carriageway,  capable of withstanding vehicular impact and a splay edge on the cycleway side, which significantly reduces the chance of cyclists catching a pedal.

How we work: 

As the leading supplier of cycle kerbs in the UK, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to produce sustainable products and solutions. So much so that our entire product range is made from recycled materials, and many contain up to 65% of recycled content. 

From contemporary to heritage-style projects, we’ll work closely alongside your team to help you find the materials you need. Our commercial landscaping solutions are designed to transform public spaces and provide a better quality of life. And at commercially attractive prices.