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Cycle kerbs play a pivotal role in enhancing road safety by creating a distinct separation between cycle lanes and vehicular traffic. We are the leading supplier of cycle demarcation, segregation and access kerbs in the UK and our range is engineered to provide a durable and visible boundary, promoting a safer environment for both cyclists and motorists. 


Ideal for use in areas where appearance and environmental considerations are an important criteria, our cycle kerbs are designed for durability and visibility. Available in various dimensions, they cater to different road layouts and design requirements. The robust construction of our cycle kerbs ensures they withstand the impacts of both weather and traffic, ensuring long-term functionality with minimal maintenance. 


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For more information about our cycle kerbs range, please contact a member of our team. We’re more than happy to guide you through the various designs and help you find the perfect finish for your project. 

Cycle Demarcation Kerbs with a choice of angled profiles that create a gentle and smooth transition between the carriageway and the cycle lane. Able to withstand vehicle overrun, they are specifically designed to safely segregate cyclists from passing traffic.

Featuring a half batter along the carriageway,  capable of withstanding vehicular impact and a splay edge on the cycleway side, which significantly reduces the chance of cyclists catching a pedal.

Our Dutch Entrance Kerb is based on the leading, safety cycling kerb from the Netherlands. The Dutch Entrance Kerb allows safe vehicular crossing over the cycle carriageway when accessing from main streets into side streets, and entrances to buildings, where drivers need to cross footways and cycle lanes.


Opting for our range of cycle kerbs is a sustainable solution for enhancing road safety and promoting a cyclist-friendly infrastructure. The ease of installation helps in reducing both time and labour costs, making them a perfect choice for urban planning and road safety projects. 


Our cycle kerbs find extensive applications across various sectors including urban planning, commercial spaces, public roadways and active travel management. They are a trusted choice for creating clear and visible boundaries in cycle lanes, enhancing the safety and organisation of road traffic.

Their blend of robust construction, visibility and ease of installation makes our cycle kerbs a valuable addition to any modern road safety and urban planning project. They offer a practical and reliable solution which contributes to the overall safety and efficiency of our urban transportation networks.

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