sustainable drainage systems

Sustainable Drainage Systems aim to solve the potential issue that excessive rainfall may cause, including flooding from drains, groundwater and the run-off from land and watercourses. Permeable paving is a simple solution to excessive rainfall and potential flooding.

As it allows water to seep through, either absorbing into the ground or being collected for reuse, permeable paving including blocks, flags and grassgrid is a smart solution to handling surface water, lowering flooding risks and supporting sustainable drainage in various outdoor settings. 


Our permeable paving is available in a wide range of  shapes, sizes and finishes, making it suitable for any number of construction or hard landscaping projects. The gaps between the units enable water drainage, cutting down surface runoff and aiding natural groundwater recharge. 


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For more information about our concrete range, please contact a member of our team. We’re more than happy to guide you through the various designs and help you find the perfect finish for your project. 

Our durable modular paving range available in a permeable option

A block that is fuctional yet attractive and capable of withstanding vehicular loads, whilst providing an effective sustainable drainage solution

Grassgrid is the benchmark when it comes to interlocking cavity grid systems. It provides sustainable drainage and a natural looking hard standing for vehicles and strengthening of embankments.

The Woburn range available as a sustainable drainage solution.

The leading Stonemaster range available as a sustainable drainage solution.


Choosing our permeable paving is a sustainable way to manage surface water, while its ease of installation can  save both time and labour costs. By keeping excess moisture from overloading drains or sewers, permeable paving significantly lessens the rain's impact, reducing the risk of flooding and pollution. With a focus on the environment, it is manufactured using a considerable amount of recycled material.




Our permeable paving is used extensively for projects across various sectors, including commercial, residential and public spaces. It’s a reliable choice for ensuring effective surface water management in pathways, driveways, car parks and other surface areas, enhancing the safety and usability of these spaces.

Sustainable drainage systems are a preferred choice among architects and contractors for managing surface water efficiently, while contributing to sustainable drainage practices. The mix of design versatility, ease of installation and superior performance makes them a solid asset for modern landscaping and construction projects. 

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