We have an extensive logistics services which ensures we can deliver our products throughout the UK and Northern Europe by road, rail and sea. Where possible, we aim to minimise the environmental impact associated with the transport of products. For instance, in 2012 alone, we transported 3.8 million tonnes of material by rail.



On time delivery of our products to our customers’ sites is critical for the continued success of our business. However, we recognise that the transporting of our products and services can have adverse social and environmental impacts including:

  • Use of fossil fuels
  • COemissions 
  • Increased road vehicle movements
  • Nuisance to local residents.

Our transport emissions currently stand at the lowest level since we started reporting in 2008 when we emitted 4.21 KgCO2e/ tonne. This improvement is as a result of both better data collection and efficiencies in our logistics.



We combine Aggregate Industries' commitment to sustainable transportation with London’s most respected Marine Co-ordinator and one of the largest fleets of tugs and barges on the River Thames, Medway and the South East’s waterways.

For the movement of aggregates, containers, bulky materials, waste, plant and specialist items into, out of or within London and the South East contact one of the team at Bennett’s Barges.


Contact us

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Extra documents

  • Logistics sustainability transport plan (pdf, 241.09 KB)
  • Glensanda Pilotage directions (pdf, 75.36 KB)
  • The Mariners guide to Glensanda (pdf, 1.02 MB)
  • The mariners guide to Rhugh Garbh (pdf, 435.58 KB)