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At Aggregate Industries we understand the pressures of delivering construction projects on time, sustainably and to budget.


Sometimes construction projects require concrete in large volumes, and quickly in order to meet the demands of the project and realise efficiencies needed throughout the development.  

A concrete mobile plant provided by Aggregate Industries, can help you achieve efficiencies and deliver against key project milestones. With a proven track record of supplying mobile solutions for major infrastructure projects, we can deliver a solution to match your needs. 

The Mobile Aggregate Industries Concrete Solution

Ability to measure output per hour onsite
Dedicated concrete supply at the project site
Speed up delivery program of the project
Highest quality control measures of concrete production on site
Quick and easy to install mobile plant in a small area
Electricity supply minimum requirement 165Kva (Alternatively, Aggregate Industries can provide mobile genset equipment)

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Helps you build sustainably

Onsite deliveries reduce carbon by 15-20% instead of deliveries by road to site
Low carbon ECOPact concrete mix designs available to help you build sustainably without any detriment to performance
Access to Digital tools that help you track the data of your project and integrate with your systems seamlessly 
Track the carbon footprint of the concrete used in your project that will support developments that need to meet Green Building Certified Programs including Breeam and Leed
Access to carbon experts who can help you specify the most sustainable solution and measure the impact throughout your project

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Mobile Plant Specifications

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We have included the features and specification for our most recent mobile plant that is now available for projects. This is a detailed specification which includes the key requirements for the installation of the plant onsite.

For major projects we can of course look to design a bespoke specification depending on the requirements of the project and can discuss this with you. 

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- Plant area 16m x 3m flat, level surface. 
- Preference to sub-base @ 200mm compacted Type1 MOT, C28/35 Concrete @ 300mm (alternately 2 layers compacted Type 1 MOT @ 250mm per layer, 6 x steel mats required 1m x 1m x 50mm).
- Silo area x2, 10m x 2.6m flat level surface.
- Preference to sub-base @ 150mm compacted Type1 MOT, C28/35 Concrete @ 200mm.
- Alternately 2 layers compacted Type 1 MOT @ 200mm per layer, 6 x steel mats required 500mm x 500mm x 30mm.
- Aggregate stocking area is required, exact dimensions depend on daily output requirements. Material can be stockpiled on compacted Type 1 MOT however a concrete slab 200mm thick is preferable with at least two sided bays.
- Area to be provided for waste concrete, plant and truck wash down.

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Site Requirements

- Total operational area minimum requirement 1000m2 (larger area may be required dependent on material storage space).
- Provision for welfare facilities for up to 6 Aggregate Industries employees.
- Sufficient site access for arctic and tanker deliveries for raw material.

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Water Requirements

- Water supply requirement minimum 2bar with flow rate of 15 litres per minute, typically through a 63mm connection, (alternatively, Aggregate Industries can provide water delivered in).

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Electrical Requirements

- Electricity supply minimum requirement 165Kva (Alternatively, Aggregate Industries can provide mobile genset equipment).

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