As one of the nation’s leading cement suppliers, we manufacture and distribute a portfolio of specialist Cement materials to the construction industry.

What We Offer

We offer a wide range of cement solutions suitable for general and specialised building uses. Whether you’re carrying out DIY work or orchestrating a larger, more complex project, we’re sure you’ll find a product in our range to suit your needs.

More specifically, our portfolio of cement products includes:

  • Bulk Cement - We offer readily available bulk cement products for all construction requirements.
  • GGBS - We can supply Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS) for blending with other materials.
  • Bagged/Packed Cement - We offer an extensive range of easy-to-use Lafarge bagged cement products for general and specialised building use.
Get in touch

You can contact us on:

Tel       01455 286443

Email   uk-cement@aggregate.com


We’ve been making cement for the UK market since 1957, but that hasn’t stopped us constantly innovating. 

Today, we offer more than a dozen specialist bagged construction materials and bulk cementitious products to help you deliver the perfect build.

Used for projects both large and small, our materials are proven to stand the test of time, bringing quality and outstanding performance as standard. From structural cement through to rapid set and postmix, whenever you need a cementitious binder or specialist additive, we have the right range of materials to help.