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Aggregate Industries is the leading supplier of performance readymix concrete. Our readymix calculator tool will work out the amount required for your concrete base or structure. Whether you need support for your housing project, construction, or at home DIY project we have the specialist team and value added product range to meet your needs.


How to use the Readymix Calculator

Select the shape required and enter the dimensions to view your results. You can enter multiple shapes into the tool to receive an overall amount required.

As the leading experts in Readymix solutions across the UK, we can offer technical support and guidance to ensure you receive the highest quality performance and prescribed mix requirements. Simply follow the 3 steps below.

Note- Our calculation tool factors in a minimum level of required concrete to avoid wastage. You may want to allow for a 5% margin to cover additional needs.


Step 1- Calculate your requirement


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Right Angled-Triangle
0.6 m3
Total Volume
0.6 m3

Step 2- Find a plant

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Step 3- Request a quote

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Frequently asked questions

How do I calculate how much concrete I need?

Using our ready mix concrete calculator tool makes it simple and easy to find out the required amount need for the shape and size of your project. You will want to:

  • Determine how thick you want the concrete.
  • Measure the length and width that you'd like to cover.
  • Multiply the length by the width to determine square footage.
  • Convert the thickness from inches to feet.
  • Multiply the thickness in feet by the square footage to determine cubic feet.
  • If you have an irregular shape break this up into manageable sections and calculate in in our tool. Find out more
Do you offer concrete pumps?

We do not offer concrete pumps. However we can support you in recommended third parties who we have worked with you can contact your regional plant for further information and guidance. Find out more

How much is a cubic meter of ready mix concrete

Domestic bagged ready mix concrete you can buy from merchants tends to be more expensive than site mixes we supply in ready mix concrete. Typically bagged ready mix concretes range from £65 - £85 M3 . We cannot offer a guide on site mixes as this depends on your region and the type of mixes you require and we supply performance concretes and bespoke mixes that have proven added qualities, sustainable properties and have been thoroughly tested compared to the bagged versions you might buy.

Advantages and disadvantages of ready mix concrete

Advantages of ready mix concrete

  • Excellent quality and continually tested and measured with advanced equipment ensuring optimum performance.
  • Saves onsite storage as our concrete can be delivered on site when you are ready in your project
  • Social responsibility objectives increased as there is a reduction in air and noise pollution onsite
  • Potential for zero percent wastage when working with our specialist teams
  • Time savings on project delivery as our ready mix solutions can be scheduled and booked as and when required
  • Environmentally improved products.


Disadvantages of ready mix concrete

  • Requires effective transportation system from our batching plants which is why we always recommend delivery from our trucks
  • Set curing times concrete should be used with 210 minutes of leaving our plant so factoring in traffic jams etc is why we have over 60 plants across the UK and team of trucks and dispatch staff on hand to support you in getting your delivery there on time and ready to be offloaded.
  • Manual offloading can be labour intensive which is why using a pump is optimum in most scenarios.

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