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If you are walking on it, we probably built it! We have been laying the foundations 'literally' in the construction industry for 165 years. That's why we are proud to call ourselves the leading experts in aggregates, asphalt, concrete, cement, readymix concrete and building products. We have exceptional teams and technical specialists who are industry experts and here to guide you in getting the very best from our products, understand the history behind construction aggregates and offer expertise in your project. See our blogs below for useful technical support and blogs from the construction industry.

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Aggregate, is a broad word that describes a “granular material used in construction” (granular meaning particles that do not stick together).

Our guide examines the difference between the two most-widely used types - traditional and high-performance - to help you decide the best product.

A short guide to how we ensure the environmental benefits of our recycled aggregate products 

A short guide to asphalt covering what it’s made of, its uses in the construction sector, how it compares with tarmac and why it’s one of the most sustainable products in construction.

Considering commercial block paving for your next construction project? Our useful guide explores the different types, how it’s made and where it’s used – as well as highlighting the pros and cons…

For the sustainability plight, the good news is that realising a greener construction future could be even higher on the agenda in 2023 as new Aggregate Industries research reveals nearly four in five industry professionals see it as critical.

Confused about the difference between cement and concrete? Our guide explores the origins and uses of cement, to the varieties available and its sustainability goals.

An in-depth guide covering all you need to know about concrete, from its uses in construction to its composition, costs and sustainability credentials…

Looking to understand more about screed and its uses, plus where it differs from concrete?
Our guide explains all to help your next construction project.